Saturday, September 27, 2014

A New Adventure Awaits!

Years ago, people our age started getting pregnant. It didn't bother me, rather, I even felt proud of my choice of staying baby-free until I'm 100% sure I can handle it. Not that I'm weak or anything, I just wanted to be physically, emotionally and financially stable... you know the drill. 

Me and my partner wanted to achieve several milestones before even talking about having a baby. Our wedding is our first pride and joy. It was our blood, sweat and tears. It was beautiful. We did it for ourselves and not just because we wanted to start a family right away. It was just a beautiful union. 

We then explored places, ate fancy foods, invested, purchased both useful and useless stuff and basically just acted like a young couple. We're both carefree with nothing to worry about but ourselves. 

Bit by bit, people around us started to worry for us. 2 years have passed since our wedding and we've heard weird judgement toward us. Why aren't we having babies? Are we reproductively-challenged? Do we hate babies? Don't I want to ruin my slim figure?Are we that poor? Are we selfish bastards who rather circle the globe rather than fulfill our written destinies, a.k.a. breeding? It drove me nuts but we did not flinch. We will have it when we want it. 

Until the mid this year, we started feeling some new found affection for these small wriggly creatures. Suddenly, they're not that annoying anymore. The thought of having one is not a scary thought after all. Maybe our body clocks kicked us because after all, our deadline is my husband's 30th birthday. We should be contemplating about a baby by that time or there really is something wrong with us. First try is a fail. Then came second, then third then fourth. I was so close to giving up and just shelving the idea but the fifth try is a charm. I believe it was made in my birthday (Sorry, T.M.I.!).

It was the first of September when we officially found out. I was happy and overwhelmed at the same time. It was a new and bittersweet feeling. There was a feeling of a having a huge responsibility slammed onto my shoulders (or shall I say slammed into my belly? lol). There was also a feeling of privilege to be able to house another human being, literally inside me. 

So this blog has been my personal, wedding, travel journal and now it has a new identity - a mommy diary. I will try to document all my significant developments, insights and experiences. Good thing this baby is nothing but a good one to me. No morning sickness and all. We're getting along real fine as early as now, cool baby!

*Now just for the record, let me answer all those weird judgments that were thrown upon us:

Are we reproductively-challenged? - I feared the same thing but we don't wanna risk an unplanned pregnancy just to disprove this.
Do we hate babies? - No, just the poorly-bred bratty ones.
Don't I want to ruin my slim figure? - I guess that's every woman's goal but that didn't stop almost everyone from reproducing.
Are we that poor? - We are not rich but that's never the reason. I always believe God will provide so poverty is not an excuse in attaining our desires.
Are we selfish bastards who rather circle the globe rather than fulfill our written destinies, a.k.a. breeding? - That's an illogical argument. We can do both without having to sacrifice one.