Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prenup Photos (the sequel)

I will post the photos here once I had them, but here's the link for the meantime:

click here

Location: Village Chef Restaurant, Angeles City
Hair and Make up: Richard Strands
All photos are property of Seekers Photography.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Smelling an Obsession Brewing

Blame it to the craziest polish fan in the country. She and her blog, fueled this addiction I'm brewing right now.

I'm talking about nail polishes. Who would have thought I'll fancy these kind of things. I can't even have my nails longer than my fingertip. They're always short, and when I say short, I really mean short - short. I can't even shape them, it makes me want to bite random things whenever I file them. But what the heck, I love them polished. They make me smile when they glisten.

I can't have them done by other people too, not even the professionals, because I just can't. I'm just not comfortable. So I basically have to do them by myself. I've been on the search for decent yet affordable polishes lately (and not to mention, accessible from our province). I've been using local brands but they, most of the time, end up disappointing me with their staying power and narrow choices of colors. Until recently, I discovered 2 brands.

The first one is Elf (Eyeslipsface). I wonder why they didn't include nails on their brand name, would've been Elfn. I used this brand for my pre-nup photoshoot. I just aimed for a natural looking nails so I picked a natural-looking one, Light Pink.
One coat - I'm disappointed on how sheer it was.
Still very sheer.
2 days after application, they all ended up chipped and matte.  Now I know why "nail" wasn't included in Elf's name. Not worth it of my 100+ Php.

Next one I found was The Face Shop. It's a Korean store filled with Korean beauty goodies! Let's admit, they do know how to prettify. I grabbed three of their polishes. With 95 Php a pop, it's not that bad at all.

GL 112. See how jam packed it is with micro glitters?

Told you, I have short nails. This is 2 coats.
GL 112 is a metallic, goldish, pinkish, shimmery goodness. It goes opaque in 2 coats. This one lasted (with top coat) for a week. Not bad, to think I do household chores.

My Favorite Trio: The Face Shop WH004, Caronia Blue Velvet, The Face Shop Top Coat
Goal: A starry night nails.

I chose Blue Velvet to be the base for a deep blue evening. I used 1 coat to avoid having nearly black nails. WH004 has a clear jelly base packed with huge blue and purple glitters and stars. The result:
Please excuse some mess, I'm still learning..
I'm very happy with the result! My nails are magical. I have several thoughts on the polishes though. First, the stars on WH004 were so hard to capture on brush. I had to flip the bottle several times just to get one, just a little frustrating. Also, if placed on the curved area of the nail, the stars' edges tend to stick out even with heavy top coat. This causes them to get caught on clothes and blankets, which is kinda annoying. So make sure you place them on the nail's flat surface or push them securely using the pointed tip of a nail pusher. 

I just ordered some goodies from a trusted online shop (eye liner and lip balm). Items were delivered in perfect condition. I browsed her shop again and I just had an epiphany. Why limit myself with malls' polishes? She sells beautiful polishes too! Gotta try some, one paycheck at a time. This will be fun!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

On the fateful day of 11-11-11

Warning: Slightly graphic photos below. 

Okay, this is not a yet another post about how this date is supposed to be lucky or that it only comes once in a century. Come on, every date on the calendar never actually repeats. But still, I anticipated this date with so much enthusiasm because first, it's my day off, second, it will be our 2nd prenup shoot (yeah, our photographers are awesome like that), and third, it's my cousin's 18th birthday (I'm one of the 18 candles, yay, I get to wear an itchy, rented dress).

The photo shoot went well but that's another story. Let's jump into the end of the debut celebration. To mark the end of the ceremony, the organizers prepared a fireworks display for all of us. I love fireworks!!  Me and my boyfriend went outside to watch it. Normally, when events like these have these displays, they place the fireworks elsewhere, away from the crowd. But something was wrong this time. They were placed in front of us. We were not actually in the front most position, some were even nearer. As the first two kwitis went off, their sticks landed in front of the crowd. Something's really wrong. There was not enough time for me to contemplate on this thought, when the huge aerial firework was set off. You know those kinds which explodes in the sky with bright flower-like formations? Well, it was like that except that it didn't actually become aerial and instead exploded on to our feet. Yes my dear friends, our feet. Whose feet am I referring to exactly? Me and my boyfriend's feet. I actually saw little explosives approaching us. I got scared but we're trapped in a corner, my first instinct was to turn my back. I felt something hit the back of my knee. I shouted that I was hit. My boyfriend immediately hugged me, protecting my from even more approaching explosives. It was crazy. Smoke was everywhere. When it came quite clear, I rushed inside to check my foot. It was painful and ugly, it was burnt. Dang. I recalled seeing pitcher of cold water sitting on top of the bar. I went there to wash the back of my knee to soothe the burning feeling. I'm quite surprised why there was no other commotion aside from myself. Then I realized, I was the only casualty. Of all people in front of me. I saw my dad and showed my wounds, then my mom. She went into hysteria so I just left her. I ran around, neglecting the pain to look for my boyfriend. I can't remember how we separated paths. I asked a cousin and he told me my boyfriend's injury was even worse and he was waiting in the car with my brother. What the...

As I saw the side of his knee, I just blurted out a curse word. There was a hole onto his skin. From what I saw, it was maybe 2-inch deep. It's that deep. I can still feel my feet burning with pain but I managed to calm my mother. Yes, she was panicking about me and with her stroke histories, she's at more risk. So I just pretended to be okay and released the pain by squeezing the arm of my brother, who was driving by the way.

Left: My shrapnel wounds (I have more under the skirt and on the other leg) Right: My boyfriend's deep wound (The back of his leg was severely burnt and bruised)
Inside the ER, I received first aid for my wounds and anti-tetanus shots. Surprise, surprise. Both of my feet were full of shrapnel wounds. It was crazy painful but I can't show any weakness. Why? As they cleansed my wounds, my boyfriend was lying down, literally chilling from severe pain and nervousness. They were talking about debriding his wound, which from how they explained it, sounded really nasty. That wound was supposed to be mine if he hasn't protected me. The least I can do is be his source of strength. I wish I can describe how they cleaned and sutured it but no, it won't be that pretty, so I won't.

We went home with a bagful of medicines and lessons. It was an ugly experience, yes. But we choose to just look at the brighter side. Who am I to complain about minor burns when my boyfriend received a surgery for me, and God knows what His son took in for me.

photo from the web
I will be kind and not mention the organizer who failed to oversee that incident coming, but we will be talking about settlements. Just an advise to everyone, make sure you mount huge explosives before lighting them. The force will surely make them stumble when lit. And don't watch displays on a very close range. Or better yet, stay away from explosives! They're craaaaazy.