Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Official Prenup Photos

Our prenup photos are out, yay! Here are some of my favorites (forgive my pawisin look, these were taken outdoors with scorching hot sun): 

Location: Philippine Multimedia Systems Inc.
Hair and Make up: Dan Jose
All photos are property of Seekers Photography.
You can view the their version with lay out here (might still be password protected, so here's it is just in case: 10172011)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Teaser

This video was generously made by our main photographer's brother, Tim dela Paz. He tagged along during our prenup to make us this beautiful video, for guess what, free! Aw, such wonderful people! You can check out their website here

And trust me when I say they're really artistic and fun to work with. Now I can't wait to post our prenup photos!! 

Original video link from here

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prenup Photoshoot

Yesterday, one of our most awaited pre-wedding event took place. It was our prenup shoot! We were very happy to work with very professional yet down to earth people. I've already made an entry about our photographers and I couldn't say enough kind words about them. Really, they're awesome. Too bad my alalay slash cousin haven't thought of taking behind the scenes photos a little earlier. But I really I appreciate his and my brother's all out assistance to us. Here's the behind the scene of our shoot (can't disclose the official copies before they release it on their website):

My bakla moment. Not really used to heavy make ups, but Dan Jose really made a good job.
Here's our "casual outfit", parang pageant lang.

Here's my cute little dress.

One of our poses. You won't believe what kind of light that is.

Here's us being candidly sweet.

Here's the team. We're about to wrap up on this one.

So yeah, it was really an awesome day and I can't wait to post some of the pictures here. Gosh, do I sound excited??

DIY time!

This month, we started doing some of our DIYs. My diy lists are:

  • Invitations
  • Boutonni√®res
  • Place cards
  • Some table decors
  • Table numbers
  • Menu cards
  • Confetti
  • Ring bearer pillow

I'm proud to say we're making some progress on the invitations and boutonnieres now. We've made the prototype for the invitation and showed it to some close friends for corrections.

He made this all by himself. I'm such a lucky bride.

We'll ditch the + sign as suggested by friends.
It's kinda ironic putting the French for RSVP with our Grecian theme, but most won't notice.
These are just prototypes, don't mind some imperfections. We'll do our best to mass produce perfect ones, fingers crossed. With these invites, we used specialty board, tracing paper, glue and ribbon. It's pretty simple, we just did the design on Photoshop, printed and literally cut and pasted them and that's it.

Now the boutonnieres are different story. They're more complicated than this. I've made a procedure for them because so far, we were just able to produce 7 pieces out of 25. It's kinda back aching but enjoyable nevertheless. Here's my olive leaf boutonniere 101:

Paste green leaf-shaped felt papers back to back and saw them together for a little diy drama.

Insert a wire wrapped in floral tape into the leaf's top and secure it by twisting the wire on to the botton. This serves two purposes,  for aesthetic reasons and it doubles as stem.

Green ribbon will be wrapped on the stem and the blue one will be a ribbon.

Here's the blue ribbon. The other one is made by gluing a bead on top of a wire to serve as the olive fruit.

Here it is when assembled! It's a little out of proportion, but I still have 18 more to perfect :)
I'm really enjoying these little details. They're everyday's little reminders that our special day is really approaching!

Kitty Love

Happy birthday to the best companion in the world!

He wears his party hat with pride!

It's been 7 years since I got this beautiful cat as a surprise. He's an instant joy the first moment as saw him. He was so little he fits on just one hand, meows without a sound and still craves for milk. He's such a lucky cat because out of his several other kitten siblings, he was the one chosen to be taken home by my mother. His family now still lives on feeding off mice and few food leftovers. Yes, he's a proud native cat. No breed known, just a regular pusakal. Look at him now. He has turned into this sophisticated sweetheart, no one believes he's a local.

When I say he's the best companion in the world, I mean it. He gives me space when I need it, and cuddles me whenever we both need it. He's so radiant, he makes me light up every morning I wake up with him. Yes, we sleep beside each other at times. He is the sweetest and smartest cat I ever had. 

Above all the cuteness and cuddliness, what I really love about him is his serenity. I don't know, he's just an instant relaxation to be with. Too bad I don't have his photos right now but I will definitely make a part two of this post to show off some of his pictures. 

Love you baby cat. I wish you a lot of years to come. Mwah!

Friday, October 7, 2011

First Fitting

For my gown that is. 

It was a rainy afternoon and we were scheduled to go to my dressmaker's shop. It was an hour and a half drive but nevertheless, very enjoyable. It doubled as our roadtrip bonding complete with music, chit chat and food trip. We drove along a very long dike and had a special treat from mother nature. 

Beautiful Grasses
I just wanna go down there and hop and dance along with these beautiful grasses. I don't even know their name, all I know is that if you caught one of those flower-looking thingy, you're entitiled for a wish, just like dandelions. We parked for like a minute to take this shot and went on. It's already getting dark and he hates driving during the night.

As we arrived to our destination. I giddily tried the dress. To my surprise, it didn't fit. My hips are monstrous! But yeah, they should have known that. It was a slight mistake anyway. The zipper from the back part was non-existent, so they had to cut that part just to make it fit. It will be repaired so I have no worries. As I wore that big white dress, I flashed an ever bigger smile. 

It wasn't the perfect setting. The fitting room was just a makeshift from their house's room. It was an old wooden room, filled with old assorted gowns. I was fitting there all alone (I decided not to show it to anyone yet). And I wasn't looking very pretty that day too due to hangover plus a very long trip on an open air vehicle. As I saw myself on the mirror, none of those things mattered. That very moment was divine. It was a beautiful dress. 

I was satisfied with it. I'll be heading there maybe after two weeks for those minor alterations then that dress will be coming home with me. Just the thought of it gives me stomach some butterflies. Our special day is indeed few sleeps away!