Friday, October 7, 2011

First Fitting

For my gown that is. 

It was a rainy afternoon and we were scheduled to go to my dressmaker's shop. It was an hour and a half drive but nevertheless, very enjoyable. It doubled as our roadtrip bonding complete with music, chit chat and food trip. We drove along a very long dike and had a special treat from mother nature. 

Beautiful Grasses
I just wanna go down there and hop and dance along with these beautiful grasses. I don't even know their name, all I know is that if you caught one of those flower-looking thingy, you're entitiled for a wish, just like dandelions. We parked for like a minute to take this shot and went on. It's already getting dark and he hates driving during the night.

As we arrived to our destination. I giddily tried the dress. To my surprise, it didn't fit. My hips are monstrous! But yeah, they should have known that. It was a slight mistake anyway. The zipper from the back part was non-existent, so they had to cut that part just to make it fit. It will be repaired so I have no worries. As I wore that big white dress, I flashed an ever bigger smile. 

It wasn't the perfect setting. The fitting room was just a makeshift from their house's room. It was an old wooden room, filled with old assorted gowns. I was fitting there all alone (I decided not to show it to anyone yet). And I wasn't looking very pretty that day too due to hangover plus a very long trip on an open air vehicle. As I saw myself on the mirror, none of those things mattered. That very moment was divine. It was a beautiful dress. 

I was satisfied with it. I'll be heading there maybe after two weeks for those minor alterations then that dress will be coming home with me. Just the thought of it gives me stomach some butterflies. Our special day is indeed few sleeps away!

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  1. I can see the excitement i your words you big days is coming:) congrats and I know it would turn great:)