Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Semi Hiatus due to Severe Addiction

There's just so much things that I want to blog about but this thing always, always gets on my way. Now I've summoned all the forces of the universe to bring myself to finally write. But I suppose I will be in such a hurry so I'll just summarize my whole week in one entry to save my precious time. What's up with me?

I'm on a The Sims 3 phase once again. Every time I get ahold of a new game or expansion of it, I always go nuts playing it non-stop for days/weeks or even months. It all started a decade ago with The Sim City. It has a quite different game play than The Sims, but the heart and soul of these games is all the same - simulation. Then came the first ever The Sims game. It has a crappy graphics but who would complain about that in the early 2000s. Then Sims 2 went out with better-looking graphics. It also has the most awesome expansions ever! Yeah, better than the Sims 3, well atleast for me. Now the third version of the Sims is out along with several expansions already. The graphics is kick-ass. The game play is better, of course. Now, I recently installed the Generations expansion set, it was quite late having it, that's why my curiosity and excitement boiled up to this level that I can't even stop playing it while working. Next month, they'll be releasing the Pets expansion and I wonder how will that affect my work, health and social life, hahah. Some people may not get why am I wasting time with this boring game. But hey, who wouldn't want to play God? Okay, that sounds wrong. But just think of it like playing dolls but far more complex ones. 

Here's my sim, taking care of her client's children. She's a daycare specialist.
Oh, I was about to talk about my week. Last Friday, we had our test engagement photo shoot. It was just a fun way to immerse ourselves slowly into the photo taking world. I am very fond of having my photos taken but not in that level. I was quite uncomfortable actually, but our photographer is nice so we got through it very well. The idea was to have a very light feel, no still poses, no dramatic outfits and sceneries, just everyday mundane stuffs. We decided to do it on my boyfriend's work site. Imagine ginormous satellite dishes, cables and equipments. It's very fitting and original. We wore our matching shirts (they are not couple shirts, just plain black shirts with a little printed detail which is supposed to be an inside joke). 

Taken outside a storage room, yes that is a broken washing machine and in front of it is a lawn mower's handle. And yep, he's holding a fluorescent light.
Another highlight of my week is the album launching of my favorite local band, Chiro. I first heard them way back in 2008. It was my birthday when me and my boyfriend decided to spend the night drinking in a bar. He requested Sunny Came Home to this band and dedicated it to me. That was the first time I heard that song and it was beautifully sang. I became a fan. I followed some of their gigs and I got so excited when they won a national contest. I am happy they are now somehow recognized as they already have their digital album. They launched it last Saturday in Marquee Mall and I was so determined to watch it. I wasn't disappointed of course, they gave a great show and their album just costs 99 Php. We didn't finish it though because my mom's really starving so we decided to have our dinner already. Right after eating, the mall is about to be closed when we saw the band heading out to the parking lot. I asked them to sign the album and had my photo taken with their lead vocals. I know, they're not that sikat yet and it's so not-sosyal to ask for an autograph, but I did. So what! Hahah, defensive. They're really talented, I can see them hitting it big someday soon. 
Me and Toni with our flaming aura
Then last bed-weathered Sunday, I peeled my lazy ass off my chair as I attended my cousin's cotillion practice. Yes, I was asked to join that dance because they were short of female dancers. Don't get me wrong, I love my cousin and I am also excited about it because it will be my first time (me and my close friends didn't have this kind of bonggang debut) but I was kinda reluctant for two reasons. Reason number one, I seem to be too old for it and number two, I am a very, very bad dancer.

A supposed graceful dance turned into a painful one. My fellow dancers (most of them are teenagers) all wore cute sandals and flip flops while I did not bother to think of that because I was too lazy to dress up so I just grabbed my shoes (with a brand who boasts strong grip from the sole). So there they were, gracefully gliding over the tiled floor while I was squeaking my feet difficultly. The steps looks easy but I just can't seem to follow them. Ugh. After less than two hours of awkwardly dancing without a partner, the practice finally ended. Then my knee started to hurt. Lesson learned, if you do not want to look like an old fart who just got inflicted by rheumatism, do not wear shoes with sticky soles when dancing waltz. Or I guess every sane person who knows how to dance knows that already?

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  1. i haven't heard of Chiro band yet but Sunny Came Home is definitely a good song!=)