Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We had reserved a slot to our photographer already. He's such a sweetheart. A supposed "service-only" package suddenly included a whole lotta freebies after just two meetings. After all, I can sense that he's a genuinely good person without some pushy sales talk. He advised that we get a separate videographer so they can focus on their respective tasks. 

We scoured and scoured of videographers who's got some good deals. Yes I found one, HD video services for an affordable price. Not bad, definitely. I've checked his works and they're okay too. I have talked to him before email and bargained for a price. I gave my name so he knows whose he dealing with. We went to his office after closing the price at 15k.

He wasn't at his office that day. We talked to his assistant and told him about the price we settled. He called his boss to confirm. I was kinda disappointed that the price was again raised to 18k even after I told him my name. I understand that he may have a lot of customers and pricing may come confusing, but I find it a little unprofessional too. He should know, right? Or if he's not sure, he should have checked first. After some back to zero bargaining, it was settled once again to my expected price. I gave the deposit and left. 

After reaching home, I sent him an email, informing him about the down payment and since the breakdown was not clearly stated in the contract (we got a photobooth service too), I asked for his acknowledgment. He replied that he would check it. Days have passed... I waited. Until I knew I had to follow up. I sent him another email asking when can we hear from him. The morning after I sent that, he called me on my phone. He was asking what I needed. I was shocked since I was sure the thread of messages were there on the email I sent. I said I just wanted an assurance that everything was okay regarding the services included and he said he already acknowledged it. When?? Well, it was that time when he said he would "check it"... that was his acknowledgement. And then there's this feeling of impatience in his voice. Twisted. I was disappointed. I do not expect to be treated as a queen, but at least someone who deserves some courtesy. 

But then again, I know my coordinator knows him. I'll just let her take care of it to save me from such minor headaches. We might got off on the wrong foot, but I really reallly need him to do his job perfectly on our special day. So I will let this slip off. See? I didn't even write his name. 


  1. yup, let your coordinator handle him.. just let her know of your experience so she would know what to expect how to deal with him. maybe he just needs how to know what is a documented confirmation. ;)

    bumped into you through, GT, sis. and followed you through GC. ;)

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I've dealt with my share of really bad suppliers when I was still planning our wedding. I even had the worst luck with my photographer and videographer. Blogged about it even as I was so mad. Hope everything works out find though. =)

    Dapat stress-free ka on your day! You deserve it. =D