Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prenup Photos (the sequel)

I will post the photos here once I had them, but here's the link for the meantime:

click here

Location: Village Chef Restaurant, Angeles City
Hair and Make up: Richard Strands
All photos are property of Seekers Photography.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Smelling an Obsession Brewing

Blame it to the craziest polish fan in the country. She and her blog, fueled this addiction I'm brewing right now.

I'm talking about nail polishes. Who would have thought I'll fancy these kind of things. I can't even have my nails longer than my fingertip. They're always short, and when I say short, I really mean short - short. I can't even shape them, it makes me want to bite random things whenever I file them. But what the heck, I love them polished. They make me smile when they glisten.

I can't have them done by other people too, not even the professionals, because I just can't. I'm just not comfortable. So I basically have to do them by myself. I've been on the search for decent yet affordable polishes lately (and not to mention, accessible from our province). I've been using local brands but they, most of the time, end up disappointing me with their staying power and narrow choices of colors. Until recently, I discovered 2 brands.

The first one is Elf (Eyeslipsface). I wonder why they didn't include nails on their brand name, would've been Elfn. I used this brand for my pre-nup photoshoot. I just aimed for a natural looking nails so I picked a natural-looking one, Light Pink.
One coat - I'm disappointed on how sheer it was.
Still very sheer.
2 days after application, they all ended up chipped and matte.  Now I know why "nail" wasn't included in Elf's name. Not worth it of my 100+ Php.

Next one I found was The Face Shop. It's a Korean store filled with Korean beauty goodies! Let's admit, they do know how to prettify. I grabbed three of their polishes. With 95 Php a pop, it's not that bad at all.

GL 112. See how jam packed it is with micro glitters?

Told you, I have short nails. This is 2 coats.
GL 112 is a metallic, goldish, pinkish, shimmery goodness. It goes opaque in 2 coats. This one lasted (with top coat) for a week. Not bad, to think I do household chores.

My Favorite Trio: The Face Shop WH004, Caronia Blue Velvet, The Face Shop Top Coat
Goal: A starry night nails.

I chose Blue Velvet to be the base for a deep blue evening. I used 1 coat to avoid having nearly black nails. WH004 has a clear jelly base packed with huge blue and purple glitters and stars. The result:
Please excuse some mess, I'm still learning..
I'm very happy with the result! My nails are magical. I have several thoughts on the polishes though. First, the stars on WH004 were so hard to capture on brush. I had to flip the bottle several times just to get one, just a little frustrating. Also, if placed on the curved area of the nail, the stars' edges tend to stick out even with heavy top coat. This causes them to get caught on clothes and blankets, which is kinda annoying. So make sure you place them on the nail's flat surface or push them securely using the pointed tip of a nail pusher. 

I just ordered some goodies from a trusted online shop (eye liner and lip balm). Items were delivered in perfect condition. I browsed her shop again and I just had an epiphany. Why limit myself with malls' polishes? She sells beautiful polishes too! Gotta try some, one paycheck at a time. This will be fun!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

On the fateful day of 11-11-11

Warning: Slightly graphic photos below. 

Okay, this is not a yet another post about how this date is supposed to be lucky or that it only comes once in a century. Come on, every date on the calendar never actually repeats. But still, I anticipated this date with so much enthusiasm because first, it's my day off, second, it will be our 2nd prenup shoot (yeah, our photographers are awesome like that), and third, it's my cousin's 18th birthday (I'm one of the 18 candles, yay, I get to wear an itchy, rented dress).

The photo shoot went well but that's another story. Let's jump into the end of the debut celebration. To mark the end of the ceremony, the organizers prepared a fireworks display for all of us. I love fireworks!!  Me and my boyfriend went outside to watch it. Normally, when events like these have these displays, they place the fireworks elsewhere, away from the crowd. But something was wrong this time. They were placed in front of us. We were not actually in the front most position, some were even nearer. As the first two kwitis went off, their sticks landed in front of the crowd. Something's really wrong. There was not enough time for me to contemplate on this thought, when the huge aerial firework was set off. You know those kinds which explodes in the sky with bright flower-like formations? Well, it was like that except that it didn't actually become aerial and instead exploded on to our feet. Yes my dear friends, our feet. Whose feet am I referring to exactly? Me and my boyfriend's feet. I actually saw little explosives approaching us. I got scared but we're trapped in a corner, my first instinct was to turn my back. I felt something hit the back of my knee. I shouted that I was hit. My boyfriend immediately hugged me, protecting my from even more approaching explosives. It was crazy. Smoke was everywhere. When it came quite clear, I rushed inside to check my foot. It was painful and ugly, it was burnt. Dang. I recalled seeing pitcher of cold water sitting on top of the bar. I went there to wash the back of my knee to soothe the burning feeling. I'm quite surprised why there was no other commotion aside from myself. Then I realized, I was the only casualty. Of all people in front of me. I saw my dad and showed my wounds, then my mom. She went into hysteria so I just left her. I ran around, neglecting the pain to look for my boyfriend. I can't remember how we separated paths. I asked a cousin and he told me my boyfriend's injury was even worse and he was waiting in the car with my brother. What the...

As I saw the side of his knee, I just blurted out a curse word. There was a hole onto his skin. From what I saw, it was maybe 2-inch deep. It's that deep. I can still feel my feet burning with pain but I managed to calm my mother. Yes, she was panicking about me and with her stroke histories, she's at more risk. So I just pretended to be okay and released the pain by squeezing the arm of my brother, who was driving by the way.

Left: My shrapnel wounds (I have more under the skirt and on the other leg) Right: My boyfriend's deep wound (The back of his leg was severely burnt and bruised)
Inside the ER, I received first aid for my wounds and anti-tetanus shots. Surprise, surprise. Both of my feet were full of shrapnel wounds. It was crazy painful but I can't show any weakness. Why? As they cleansed my wounds, my boyfriend was lying down, literally chilling from severe pain and nervousness. They were talking about debriding his wound, which from how they explained it, sounded really nasty. That wound was supposed to be mine if he hasn't protected me. The least I can do is be his source of strength. I wish I can describe how they cleaned and sutured it but no, it won't be that pretty, so I won't.

We went home with a bagful of medicines and lessons. It was an ugly experience, yes. But we choose to just look at the brighter side. Who am I to complain about minor burns when my boyfriend received a surgery for me, and God knows what His son took in for me.

photo from the web
I will be kind and not mention the organizer who failed to oversee that incident coming, but we will be talking about settlements. Just an advise to everyone, make sure you mount huge explosives before lighting them. The force will surely make them stumble when lit. And don't watch displays on a very close range. Or better yet, stay away from explosives! They're craaaaazy. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Official Prenup Photos

Our prenup photos are out, yay! Here are some of my favorites (forgive my pawisin look, these were taken outdoors with scorching hot sun): 

Location: Philippine Multimedia Systems Inc.
Hair and Make up: Dan Jose
All photos are property of Seekers Photography.
You can view the their version with lay out here (might still be password protected, so here's it is just in case: 10172011)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wedding Teaser

This video was generously made by our main photographer's brother, Tim dela Paz. He tagged along during our prenup to make us this beautiful video, for guess what, free! Aw, such wonderful people! You can check out their website here

And trust me when I say they're really artistic and fun to work with. Now I can't wait to post our prenup photos!! 

Original video link from here

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prenup Photoshoot

Yesterday, one of our most awaited pre-wedding event took place. It was our prenup shoot! We were very happy to work with very professional yet down to earth people. I've already made an entry about our photographers and I couldn't say enough kind words about them. Really, they're awesome. Too bad my alalay slash cousin haven't thought of taking behind the scenes photos a little earlier. But I really I appreciate his and my brother's all out assistance to us. Here's the behind the scene of our shoot (can't disclose the official copies before they release it on their website):

My bakla moment. Not really used to heavy make ups, but Dan Jose really made a good job.
Here's our "casual outfit", parang pageant lang.

Here's my cute little dress.

One of our poses. You won't believe what kind of light that is.

Here's us being candidly sweet.

Here's the team. We're about to wrap up on this one.

So yeah, it was really an awesome day and I can't wait to post some of the pictures here. Gosh, do I sound excited??

DIY time!

This month, we started doing some of our DIYs. My diy lists are:

  • Invitations
  • Boutonnières
  • Place cards
  • Some table decors
  • Table numbers
  • Menu cards
  • Confetti
  • Ring bearer pillow

I'm proud to say we're making some progress on the invitations and boutonnieres now. We've made the prototype for the invitation and showed it to some close friends for corrections.

He made this all by himself. I'm such a lucky bride.

We'll ditch the + sign as suggested by friends.
It's kinda ironic putting the French for RSVP with our Grecian theme, but most won't notice.
These are just prototypes, don't mind some imperfections. We'll do our best to mass produce perfect ones, fingers crossed. With these invites, we used specialty board, tracing paper, glue and ribbon. It's pretty simple, we just did the design on Photoshop, printed and literally cut and pasted them and that's it.

Now the boutonnieres are different story. They're more complicated than this. I've made a procedure for them because so far, we were just able to produce 7 pieces out of 25. It's kinda back aching but enjoyable nevertheless. Here's my olive leaf boutonniere 101:

Paste green leaf-shaped felt papers back to back and saw them together for a little diy drama.

Insert a wire wrapped in floral tape into the leaf's top and secure it by twisting the wire on to the botton. This serves two purposes,  for aesthetic reasons and it doubles as stem.

Green ribbon will be wrapped on the stem and the blue one will be a ribbon.

Here's the blue ribbon. The other one is made by gluing a bead on top of a wire to serve as the olive fruit.

Here it is when assembled! It's a little out of proportion, but I still have 18 more to perfect :)
I'm really enjoying these little details. They're everyday's little reminders that our special day is really approaching!

Kitty Love

Happy birthday to the best companion in the world!

He wears his party hat with pride!

It's been 7 years since I got this beautiful cat as a surprise. He's an instant joy the first moment as saw him. He was so little he fits on just one hand, meows without a sound and still craves for milk. He's such a lucky cat because out of his several other kitten siblings, he was the one chosen to be taken home by my mother. His family now still lives on feeding off mice and few food leftovers. Yes, he's a proud native cat. No breed known, just a regular pusakal. Look at him now. He has turned into this sophisticated sweetheart, no one believes he's a local.

When I say he's the best companion in the world, I mean it. He gives me space when I need it, and cuddles me whenever we both need it. He's so radiant, he makes me light up every morning I wake up with him. Yes, we sleep beside each other at times. He is the sweetest and smartest cat I ever had. 

Above all the cuteness and cuddliness, what I really love about him is his serenity. I don't know, he's just an instant relaxation to be with. Too bad I don't have his photos right now but I will definitely make a part two of this post to show off some of his pictures. 

Love you baby cat. I wish you a lot of years to come. Mwah!

Friday, October 7, 2011

First Fitting

For my gown that is. 

It was a rainy afternoon and we were scheduled to go to my dressmaker's shop. It was an hour and a half drive but nevertheless, very enjoyable. It doubled as our roadtrip bonding complete with music, chit chat and food trip. We drove along a very long dike and had a special treat from mother nature. 

Beautiful Grasses
I just wanna go down there and hop and dance along with these beautiful grasses. I don't even know their name, all I know is that if you caught one of those flower-looking thingy, you're entitiled for a wish, just like dandelions. We parked for like a minute to take this shot and went on. It's already getting dark and he hates driving during the night.

As we arrived to our destination. I giddily tried the dress. To my surprise, it didn't fit. My hips are monstrous! But yeah, they should have known that. It was a slight mistake anyway. The zipper from the back part was non-existent, so they had to cut that part just to make it fit. It will be repaired so I have no worries. As I wore that big white dress, I flashed an ever bigger smile. 

It wasn't the perfect setting. The fitting room was just a makeshift from their house's room. It was an old wooden room, filled with old assorted gowns. I was fitting there all alone (I decided not to show it to anyone yet). And I wasn't looking very pretty that day too due to hangover plus a very long trip on an open air vehicle. As I saw myself on the mirror, none of those things mattered. That very moment was divine. It was a beautiful dress. 

I was satisfied with it. I'll be heading there maybe after two weeks for those minor alterations then that dress will be coming home with me. Just the thought of it gives me stomach some butterflies. Our special day is indeed few sleeps away!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Semi Hiatus due to Severe Addiction

There's just so much things that I want to blog about but this thing always, always gets on my way. Now I've summoned all the forces of the universe to bring myself to finally write. But I suppose I will be in such a hurry so I'll just summarize my whole week in one entry to save my precious time. What's up with me?

I'm on a The Sims 3 phase once again. Every time I get ahold of a new game or expansion of it, I always go nuts playing it non-stop for days/weeks or even months. It all started a decade ago with The Sim City. It has a quite different game play than The Sims, but the heart and soul of these games is all the same - simulation. Then came the first ever The Sims game. It has a crappy graphics but who would complain about that in the early 2000s. Then Sims 2 went out with better-looking graphics. It also has the most awesome expansions ever! Yeah, better than the Sims 3, well atleast for me. Now the third version of the Sims is out along with several expansions already. The graphics is kick-ass. The game play is better, of course. Now, I recently installed the Generations expansion set, it was quite late having it, that's why my curiosity and excitement boiled up to this level that I can't even stop playing it while working. Next month, they'll be releasing the Pets expansion and I wonder how will that affect my work, health and social life, hahah. Some people may not get why am I wasting time with this boring game. But hey, who wouldn't want to play God? Okay, that sounds wrong. But just think of it like playing dolls but far more complex ones. 

Here's my sim, taking care of her client's children. She's a daycare specialist.
Oh, I was about to talk about my week. Last Friday, we had our test engagement photo shoot. It was just a fun way to immerse ourselves slowly into the photo taking world. I am very fond of having my photos taken but not in that level. I was quite uncomfortable actually, but our photographer is nice so we got through it very well. The idea was to have a very light feel, no still poses, no dramatic outfits and sceneries, just everyday mundane stuffs. We decided to do it on my boyfriend's work site. Imagine ginormous satellite dishes, cables and equipments. It's very fitting and original. We wore our matching shirts (they are not couple shirts, just plain black shirts with a little printed detail which is supposed to be an inside joke). 

Taken outside a storage room, yes that is a broken washing machine and in front of it is a lawn mower's handle. And yep, he's holding a fluorescent light.
Another highlight of my week is the album launching of my favorite local band, Chiro. I first heard them way back in 2008. It was my birthday when me and my boyfriend decided to spend the night drinking in a bar. He requested Sunny Came Home to this band and dedicated it to me. That was the first time I heard that song and it was beautifully sang. I became a fan. I followed some of their gigs and I got so excited when they won a national contest. I am happy they are now somehow recognized as they already have their digital album. They launched it last Saturday in Marquee Mall and I was so determined to watch it. I wasn't disappointed of course, they gave a great show and their album just costs 99 Php. We didn't finish it though because my mom's really starving so we decided to have our dinner already. Right after eating, the mall is about to be closed when we saw the band heading out to the parking lot. I asked them to sign the album and had my photo taken with their lead vocals. I know, they're not that sikat yet and it's so not-sosyal to ask for an autograph, but I did. So what! Hahah, defensive. They're really talented, I can see them hitting it big someday soon. 
Me and Toni with our flaming aura
Then last bed-weathered Sunday, I peeled my lazy ass off my chair as I attended my cousin's cotillion practice. Yes, I was asked to join that dance because they were short of female dancers. Don't get me wrong, I love my cousin and I am also excited about it because it will be my first time (me and my close friends didn't have this kind of bonggang debut) but I was kinda reluctant for two reasons. Reason number one, I seem to be too old for it and number two, I am a very, very bad dancer.

A supposed graceful dance turned into a painful one. My fellow dancers (most of them are teenagers) all wore cute sandals and flip flops while I did not bother to think of that because I was too lazy to dress up so I just grabbed my shoes (with a brand who boasts strong grip from the sole). So there they were, gracefully gliding over the tiled floor while I was squeaking my feet difficultly. The steps looks easy but I just can't seem to follow them. Ugh. After less than two hours of awkwardly dancing without a partner, the practice finally ended. Then my knee started to hurt. Lesson learned, if you do not want to look like an old fart who just got inflicted by rheumatism, do not wear shoes with sticky soles when dancing waltz. Or I guess every sane person who knows how to dance knows that already?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We had reserved a slot to our photographer already. He's such a sweetheart. A supposed "service-only" package suddenly included a whole lotta freebies after just two meetings. After all, I can sense that he's a genuinely good person without some pushy sales talk. He advised that we get a separate videographer so they can focus on their respective tasks. 

We scoured and scoured of videographers who's got some good deals. Yes I found one, HD video services for an affordable price. Not bad, definitely. I've checked his works and they're okay too. I have talked to him before email and bargained for a price. I gave my name so he knows whose he dealing with. We went to his office after closing the price at 15k.

He wasn't at his office that day. We talked to his assistant and told him about the price we settled. He called his boss to confirm. I was kinda disappointed that the price was again raised to 18k even after I told him my name. I understand that he may have a lot of customers and pricing may come confusing, but I find it a little unprofessional too. He should know, right? Or if he's not sure, he should have checked first. After some back to zero bargaining, it was settled once again to my expected price. I gave the deposit and left. 

After reaching home, I sent him an email, informing him about the down payment and since the breakdown was not clearly stated in the contract (we got a photobooth service too), I asked for his acknowledgment. He replied that he would check it. Days have passed... I waited. Until I knew I had to follow up. I sent him another email asking when can we hear from him. The morning after I sent that, he called me on my phone. He was asking what I needed. I was shocked since I was sure the thread of messages were there on the email I sent. I said I just wanted an assurance that everything was okay regarding the services included and he said he already acknowledged it. When?? Well, it was that time when he said he would "check it"... that was his acknowledgement. And then there's this feeling of impatience in his voice. Twisted. I was disappointed. I do not expect to be treated as a queen, but at least someone who deserves some courtesy. 

But then again, I know my coordinator knows him. I'll just let her take care of it to save me from such minor headaches. We might got off on the wrong foot, but I really reallly need him to do his job perfectly on our special day. So I will let this slip off. See? I didn't even write his name. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Teenage Dream

Before our highschool graduation, me and my friends were brainstorming what college course we should take. I didn't have any clue. Deep in my mind, I knew what my dream is. It's not a typical fierce, independent-lady-like kind of dream. I know I can take up any course because I wanted to be a housewife. Yep, you heard me right. A housewife.

I ended up taking a very challenging course. I even made my parents proud by passing its licensure exams. I had real jobs with related tasks to my field. I had no fun so I hopped from a job to another one quickly. Yes, we're talking about months, not years. In a span of 4 years, I already had 6 jobs already (and several months of rest). And then I realized, maybe this career is really not for me?

Fast forward to today. I've been staying at home for the past 8 months now. I have some ways to earn online that makes me survive somehow.

Recently, my bf and mother had needed a whole lot of support. My bf had an accident which made him barely mobile and my mom had to be hospitalized due to a condition. My housewife DNA took over and made me oh-so domesticated and caring. I attended to their needs while juggling my online job and household chores. Then it occurred to me. My highschool self must be grinning with pride for her plan is finally at reach. I am exactly a plain housewife now! 

Did it bother me? No. I may be tired, but as cliché as it may sound, I feel fulfilled for the first time in my life. I know I may have to rethink if a baby is on the way, but it's not yet. I am happy now and it works for me. So why not. 

Back to Mommy's Trainings All Over Again

I'm her clone
As babies, we were gifted with the rights to receive maternal teachings like, clapping of hands, talking, walking and dancing. Mommies are so patient nurturing us, making sure we grow up just right. I am very thankful I was never an exemption. My mother was very hands-on in bringing me and my brother up as she was a stay-at-home mom and an intrinsically kind-hearted human being.

As now grown-ups, me and my brother still live with her. With my wedding coming this year-end, I know it will, somehow, break her and my dad's gentle hearts as they would have to let me go. I will, for the first time, live on a different house, with my new set of family (husband and maybe in-laws). Instead of being reluctant of that big change, she's just so wonderful of trying to teach me things that will help prepare me.

Now we're back to basics. My mother, teaching me new things, but this time, it no longer involves potty training. Lessons that are more valuable. From time to time, out of nowhere, she tells me things, without me realizing she's actually lecturing me. Maybe that's her subtle way of readying me because I may seem oh so excited, but a little part of me is scared as sh*t. Marriage is a lifelong commitment which requires unending love, understanding, passion and compromises. See that? I included the word compromise. If there's something I've learned from the past, that's one of the most important I guess.

Some important pointers I recall receiving lately (mostly while we're washing the dishes):
  • Don't ever nag.
I lived with my parents most of my single life. I am proud to say that I've never heard them yell at each other. Yes there have been some arguments in the past but they kept their cool. They kept their respect for each other by not cursing and name-calling.

As tempting as it seems to just vent out every time things do not go our way, nagging doesn't always help. Yes it may feel good for us at that very instance to let it all out but it will just be converted to some random ramblings to our partner. It will never be listened to! Well, unless we include some taunting and insults, I'm sure our voice will be crystal clear. But you know where that will take us. So why not save ourselves from regret (or sore throat) and just be silent whenever we're angry. Silence is the best weapon anyway. It will cool your heads off until both of you are on your sane minds to talk and sort things out.

  • Love your in-laws.
We all know how mothers-in-law are being stereotyped as "monsters". I'll be very honest, mine is not perfect too. She has this very strong personality which can scare anyone away. She's over protective of her family and their traditions. She loves being in-control of the house. I can't blame her, she has a loving husband and three sons who treated her as the queen ever since. And now, one by one, her princes are marrying their new "queens". And I am next. I don't know if I can be in par with her expectations and capabilities. All I know is that I'm quite scared of how I will handle it. 

You see, I've been a princess in our own little home. My parents and only brother spoiled me rotten with everything I needed. Soon I'll be leaving home. I may be staying with my new mom - my mother in law. I know I should be impressing her. My mother told me that no matter how scary it may seem to live with the in-laws, I should always aim to win their hearts. She never taught me to avoid it. Instead, she wanted me to exert a lot of effort in loving them. Yes, real, genuine love just like how I love my immediate family, walang kaplastikan! She wanted me to listen to them and allow any corrections, even reprimands, to be given to me. No, she's not teaching me how to be a martyr. It's just how it goes. Pour out love, and she's a hundred percent sure it will all be given back to me. 

  • Don't let money rule the marriage
Let's face it, we all need money. We need it to pay our bills, to eat and even to live comfortably. But it should never be the center of marriage. It should never be an issue. Money comes and goes. Why bother fighting over it. It should not be the main goal of our every day living. 

My family, just like any typical Filipino families, went through some financial problems in the past. Curse unemployment. My father had this very long "vacation" while me and my brother are on our graduating years (highschool and college respectively). I saw how hard life can be that time. My parents had to borrow money from relatives and we had to live off the same ulam every day. But never, ever, had I heard my mom pester my dad about it. My dad did his best to do something and always assured my mom that God will always provide just like how he provides foods for the birds (Matthew 6:26). My mom trusted him and Him and we made it through. If you look at it the other way, it's so easy to just break down and let it out on your partner, especially if you see your kids hungry. But they didn't. And it made us strong. 

And now that she's got this fat bank account and we're teasing her that she's already a Donya, she still knows the value of money. She doesn't live off like a superstar, splurging with their hard-earned cash. But instead, she saves it for their retirement. It's still a mutual decision with mutual benefits. 

You see, money is just an everyday tool. You just have to know how to use it wisely. It should never be fought over. It's just like fighting over a hammer or a screwdriver (Yeah because i said it's like a tool). But no, my analogy's messed up. Money is consumable. Maybe I can compare it with water? It's like fighting over a glass of water? Now I'm not making sense anymore. Maybe I had too much serious talk, lol, ignore this last paragraph.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

an AWESOME birthday

If I could sprinkle glitters on the word AWESOME just to further emphasize it, I would. It was the birthday of all birthdays. My most favorite birthday so far!

I spent 10 days, doodling how to write this entry. I kept editing, changing, re-writing - only to give up to the fact that I am actually lost for words how to describe it. Let me summarize it through a single photo:

Yes, he officially popped the question. I know, we've already been planning to get married this year so you may think it really isn't a surprise. But it still was! Sealing it with a rock is still a big deal for women, they really are our bestfriends!