Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kitty Love

Happy birthday to the best companion in the world!

He wears his party hat with pride!

It's been 7 years since I got this beautiful cat as a surprise. He's an instant joy the first moment as saw him. He was so little he fits on just one hand, meows without a sound and still craves for milk. He's such a lucky cat because out of his several other kitten siblings, he was the one chosen to be taken home by my mother. His family now still lives on feeding off mice and few food leftovers. Yes, he's a proud native cat. No breed known, just a regular pusakal. Look at him now. He has turned into this sophisticated sweetheart, no one believes he's a local.

When I say he's the best companion in the world, I mean it. He gives me space when I need it, and cuddles me whenever we both need it. He's so radiant, he makes me light up every morning I wake up with him. Yes, we sleep beside each other at times. He is the sweetest and smartest cat I ever had. 

Above all the cuteness and cuddliness, what I really love about him is his serenity. I don't know, he's just an instant relaxation to be with. Too bad I don't have his photos right now but I will definitely make a part two of this post to show off some of his pictures. 

Love you baby cat. I wish you a lot of years to come. Mwah!

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