Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Prenup Photoshoot

Yesterday, one of our most awaited pre-wedding event took place. It was our prenup shoot! We were very happy to work with very professional yet down to earth people. I've already made an entry about our photographers and I couldn't say enough kind words about them. Really, they're awesome. Too bad my alalay slash cousin haven't thought of taking behind the scenes photos a little earlier. But I really I appreciate his and my brother's all out assistance to us. Here's the behind the scene of our shoot (can't disclose the official copies before they release it on their website):

My bakla moment. Not really used to heavy make ups, but Dan Jose really made a good job.
Here's our "casual outfit", parang pageant lang.

Here's my cute little dress.

One of our poses. You won't believe what kind of light that is.

Here's us being candidly sweet.

Here's the team. We're about to wrap up on this one.

So yeah, it was really an awesome day and I can't wait to post some of the pictures here. Gosh, do I sound excited??


  1. Your beautiful sis:) I love the make up:) cant wait for the final photos:)

  2. Cannot wait too sis! I love weddings haha! Keep us posted!

  3. I like the purple dress! Girltakler here :) Just followed your blog. Visit mine some time.

    Good luck sis!