Thursday, June 23, 2011


It was night time as me and my boyfriend found ourselves hanging out at a local coffee shop in a local mall. We never really drink expensive coffees just to kill time because, believe me, we know way too many better things to kill time. We were there to meet with someone. It was our photographer.

He was just supposed to be one of the prospects, like I still need to choose after meeting up with other photographers too. But at the back of my mind, I know, I already chose him.

His name is RV dela Paz, creative director of the Seekers. He is a very young photographer from Angeles City with a booming career. We found his site while googling local photographers and to my shock, he really has potential. He's good actually! Well, not to mention, he fits our budget.

As he arrived our meeting place, he started showing us his portforlio. It was on his phone! Nothing that I haven't seen online though. I'm glad he never bad mouthed competitors, even though I intentionally provoked him to. Thats a sign of professionalism. This is his offer:

Sevice Only Package
Service of Seekers (3 Photographers)
Engagement Session
100 pcs 4R Processed Prints
High Quality Images on DVD
Php 15,000

It's crazy affordable! To judge from their previous works, they're far above from so-so. I also liked the way he gave us a cushion for our decision. We'll shoot the engagement session early, without any payment whatsoever, no strings attached. Meaning, we can back out anytime if we weren't satisfied with his shots. That is a good deal and we can't wait for that engagement shoot! Time to prepare the outfits and location!

RV dela Paz
0915 781 6843

*** I still need to look for an independent videographer though.

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