Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Dream Wedding on Our Dream Destination (figuratively, that is)

I just can't contain my happiness right now. This is a huge milestone in our wedding planning. I thought we can get by without having a theme just because I can't think of any. But now, I'm glad.. so glad I figured out something. I'm gonna set my previous palette aside because no one actually agrees on black being our motif anyway.

After a series of brainstorming, I had an epiphany. There is this one place where I really really wanted to get married. But of course, due to ridiculously expensive airfare, I accepted the fact that it is not yet possible (we can renew on our 10th wedding anniversary there perhaps, lol). I just fell in love with that place. I even bugged my boyfriend to watch several documentaries about it. And of course, he loved it too! What is it? Are you ready??


And since we won't be able to bring the actual ceremony to Greece, we'll just bring Santorini into the celebration. It will be the theme where every little details revolve. I designed an inspiration board just to have, well, an inspiration. It doesn't necessarily mean we're going to use the exact things there. Here it is:

Inspired by the distinct blue and white houses of Santorini, turquoise seas and Oia's magnificent sunset.
Gowns will have Grecian cuts. Royal, or should I say Santorini blue, will be the primary color. Yellow, of course from the famous sunset, will be the secondary color along with white and turquoise. Flower girls will have wreath-like headdresses. Men will have olive leaves on their heads. I was kidding on the latter. OMG! It will be fabulous! I can even wear a sexy Greek toga for the reception! Can't wait!!!


  1. Wow...Santorini....alot of blue and white:) lovely theme..that place that place I really wanna visit that...I can but after the vacation I'll be broke....wahahaha


  2. oohh, I can sense the venue would be in La Union? ^_^

  3. @chyng: di parin afford itransport ang 302 persons sa La Union from Pampanga. Heheh.. Dapat maging creative nalang =)