Saturday, June 18, 2011

Some Updates

June 12, 2011
Me and my mom went to Marquee mall to hear morning mass (yeah, masses are held on malls too nowadays). We met up with my 2 of my favorite cousins to tell them "the news".  They kinda knew what it was about but they still both gushed about it non-stop and never actually heard mass. They accompanied me checking suppliers in a bridal fair inside the same mall. The fair wasn't a huge help after all since I just ended up with a pile of calling cards from vendors and suppliers. Calling cards containing information already available online.
A pile of brochures and calling cards.
June 13, 2011
Monday morning, we went to the Municipal Hall to know the requirements before getting married. They only required two documents - Cenomar and copies of NSO Birth certificate. Both of them are available on NSO Office. So off we went to San Fernando in the middle of a sunny afternoon on an open-air vehicle.  Accomplishing government documents (or any other documents) is and always will be my least favorite activity ever. I know a lot of people would agree to me. And to think we'll still be coming back after 4 days to have those papers printed.

Anyway, after that rather unenjoyable errand, we went home to prepare a massive dinner. His family (and then some) will come over to officially ask for my hand in marriage (pamamanhikan). It was very touching since they arrived with a jeepney full of aunts and uncles from his mother's side of family. Our relatives, both mother and father side, also came. It was a feast! We talked about the wedding's date, venue, theme and principal sponsors. We were kinda uncomfortable being the center of it all, especially a crowd led by elders, but we made it a point for our voice to be heard. It's our wedding after all, right?

Some food that me and my mom prepared. They brought a lot of food too!

June 14
After we had our whole family's blessings, we proceeded to the church to book our date. Unfortunately, Dec.27 is no longer available. We looked at their calendar and saw an opening - December 30. It's a holiday, perfect! They handed us a piece of paper containing their requirements. I realized two things afterwards. First, getting married in a church really has a price, literally! I didn't expect the church's fee to be that expensive. Second, it also requires a whole lot of tasks to accomplish! Have I told you accomplishing documents is my least favorite activity ever?
Where will we begin?
June 15
It was holiday (Mt. Pinatubo day) so we both had a lot of time in our hands. We had our strategic plan of scouring the whole city of possible reception venues. We're eyeing for somewhere decent yet not-that-expensive. We will be hosting 300 guests and for our budget, that is a HUGE number of people to feed. After seeing (and rejecting) the first venue on our list, we landed on to our second one which is Batis Asul. It was love at first sight, only that we fell inlove with different options. I loved its indoor function hall, he loved its outdoor garden set-up. We can only choose one and no, we didn't tossed a coin. Instead, we went home, had some rest and went back to that place with his and my parents. It was a landslide vote. We chose the indoor venue. I'm kinda excited to dress that place up!
Indoor - it has some potential from what I see. I hope I'm right.
Outdoor. It's pretty with all the pool and garden stuffs going on. But I don't know why it didn't had my vote.
So there, our little advances on this dream wedding in the making. We already shed some blood out, and by blood, I mean money, on some down payments. I know it's just the beginning, but so far, I am completely enjoying this journey. And yeah, I'm also freaking out a bit*.

*this darn website keeps on sending me countdown of days before our wedding. It makes my heart jump every single time I receive it. I can't unsubscribe though, along with the countdown are helpful tips. So yeah, I must face the reality - it's getting nearer and nearer, two-hundred-days-nearer to be exact. 


  1. So much is going on for the preparation of your dream weeding....but I really love the outdoor..the pool and garden..I guess at night it would be lovely with floating candles...ohhh grh!

    Goodluck with your wedding and Godbless with the preparation:)

  2. Hindi ko pa naranasan yung real feeling ng ikakasal but I feel the excitement too. Mahirap talaga magprocess especially sa government offices kahit anong transaction. Pero matatapos rin yan. Pinaghandaan talaga nyo yung kasal, bonggels. I like your process ng getting married. It's nice to know na hanggang ngayon may pamanhikan pa rin.