Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Quest for the Perfect Black

I'm still sticking with my initial palette, I want black, turquoise, and happy yellow. Yep, black! I want it to be different, elegant and chic. Problem is, my boyfriend thinks black is pampatay. I understand. But maybe... maybe if he'll see the perfect black I'm imagining, he'll also understand. So now I'm on a quest to find that dress. A dress good enough to convert him, along with my conservative mother and his even-more-conservative mom. 

I thinks it's because I'm showing him knee-length dresses. Maybe flowy ones are more wedding-y? I'll look for some now. 

Knee-length black dresses - rejected
I can't believe planning can be this stressful. To think I'm still on minor stuffs! I still need to decide on the venue and suppliers. 


  1. For me black is really stunning but I wish you goodluck to let them agree...with your conservative mother and his even-more-conservative mom.

    Your new follower:)

  2. thanks! I just told my mom earlier bout my planned theme. it was instantly rejected. i don't wanna push against their will so time for Plan B.

  3. Good luck on your planning stage. Just like you, i'm also a bride-to-be. ;)

  4. Too bad, black would have looked regal, given a great design, although you do have to get the nod of approval from people around you and I guess that's more important in your case?

    Congratulations, have fun planning everything and don't get too stressed out! :)

  5. Thanks Madz! It's fun although some real problems are starting to show up. We both have conservative families. Good thing we've come up with a better theme. =)