Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Attire

My Inspiration Board
This is the look I'm trying to achieve. Counterclockwise.

  • The gown. It's a Maggie Sotero creation, but of course, I won't be buying it from her. I'll just have it patterned by a local couturier. You'll notice that it still sticks with the Grecian theme, having an elegant yet simple silhouette. It's accented by a jeweled single strap. I was never into ruffles and bulky gowns because with my petite build, it might overwhelm me.
  • Next is the hairstyle. I want pulled up curls, emphasized by a hair embellishment. I don't want it too clean for it might make my head look ridiculously small.
  • For the bouquet, I want yellow calla lilies. Plain and simple. I love how the yellow just pops out!
  • Bangles. No, I won't be flooding my arm with those three. I think I'll just have one, a little something to go along with the gown.
  • Shoes. I'll be searching for the perfect ones. Something with a gladiator feel but in an elegant, wedding-y way.
  • Pouch. I do not want those spherical ones with rope handles. I want a simple white purse, small enough to fit a phone and some cash.
  • Garter. I don't want those fancy, itchy-looking ones.
  • Veil. I have no idea yet. But something like that in the photo would do.
  • Earrings. Dangling ones preferably. It would be nice if I found pretty blue ones, they could be my "something blue".

I don't seem too excited at all... right? Right?? Hahah, who am I kidding here.


  1. I love your inspiration board...the hairstyle and blake lively! I love! I guess you will look fab on your wedding day! I'm so excited for you:)

    Goodluck with all the planning:)

  2. You're gonna look fabulous. :)

  3. love the hairstyle, cant wait for your big day + your gown and hair do!