Friday, July 1, 2011

A Break from all the Hype

I've been very busy lately with all those wedding preparations and all. This week, I took a little break from all the hype to do some other things for others and for myself. Here's my week's worth of events.

June 22
My mom was invited by her sisters-in-law to watch their most favorite band in the world. Nope, not Spongecola, not Parokya ni Edgar, not even the Hotdogs. They have been following this band for quite some time like crazy teenage groupies! Behold: the most talked about band in our clan! The Draybers!

The Draybers
I know right, who the hell are the Draybers?! All I know is that they perform every Wednesday on Pagcor Angeles and Tuesdays (not sure) on Pagcor Clark. It was a Wednesday. My mom was so excited to watch that she asked my boyfriend to drive for her. It was raining so hard but we didn't mind. Deep inside, I was also excited by the fact that I'm going inside the Casino itself. You see, I haven't entered that darn establishment ever since it was erected oh so gloriously. Its facade is quite intimidating with all its gigantic architectural ornaments. Why would a commoner like me enter that million-dollar-looking thing, and to think, I can't even afford a hundred-peso coffee, what more a hundred-peso chip for a single game. Oh well. That's what I thought. As soon as I entered, all my dream bubbles burst! There was nothing fancy about it! The interior looked fairly old, the carpet was a little dirty and honestly, its players looked nothing but common too! Hahah.. so it was all me and my imagining mind, who thought that this place was a fancy one. 

While my mom, with my aunts, watched their "idols", me and my boyfriend roamed around and fought every single cell in me that wanted to place a bet. I didn't know I had a potential gambling problem! I realized it when I sat on a slot machine, a very beautiful one, and inserted my hundred-peso bill. Cheap, I know. But heck, I enjoyed every press I made on that SPIN button. 
A wonderland for adults.

I won several times but I lost a lot more. That hundred peso was succeeded by several others and before I knew it, I was begging my boyfriend to give me some more.  I was definitely on a high. He didn't give in and tried to control me. So there, we just went back to watch those Draybers sing "knock three times... on the ceiling if you want me". They're good in all fairness. 

June 25
My brother's girlfriend went home from abroad for a week-long vacation. She's wonderful enough to invite me and my boyfriend to join their family getaway in Fontana Waterpark. I love beaches, but I do love waterparks even more! I guess the child in me is more dominant than the 2-piece clad adult in me. I spent the whole day eating, swimming, playing, eating, swimming some more, posing for photos and did I already mention eating? It was an ultimate relaxation. It's complete with a wave pool, three ginormous slides, a big horn, hot spring, olympic size pool, lazy river and some water factories for kids! It reminded me of Singapore's Jurong Sports Complex, only better. Why? Because I wasn't swimming with some smelly people. (Oops, I'm not stereotyping, I just happened to swim with actual smelly people that time).
A wonderland for children and children-at-heart alike.
June 27
Since my brother's gf's here. We planned a little surprise for her. Actually, it was not little at all, it was a mega humongous legen, wait for it, dary kind of plan. He was going to PROPOSE! The plan was to fill his car with balloons and flowers, put the ring beside them while the car stereo's blastin' "don't say no no no no no, just say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah" (Marry you by Bruno Mars). My brother gave me some cash to buy and set everything up while they roamed around the mall. She didn't have a clue that me and my boyfriend were in that same mall, setting something up for her. He parked the car on the same spot where she first said "yes" to him to be his girlfriend (he's gonna kill me if he read all this details here so I'm hoping he never gets to find this blog). 
25 pcs balloons, they got to see only 23. One popped out and the other flew away.
And of course she said yes and now they're officially engaged. I'm happy and excited to have a beautiful sister like her!

June 29
Ever since I've seen Bruce Willis' movie 6th Sense, I've always taken pleasure in watching horror/suspense movies! It's like a substitute for a roller coaster ride. Same heart-pounding fun! My top list includes Sukob, Paranormal Activities 1 and 2, Fragile, The Eye (original version) among others. Since I've read some raves about this new movie, Insidious, I decided to torture beg my boyfriend for some accompaniment. 
During the movie, there were some scary and shout-educing moments. But no, it did not land to my top list. The ghosts looks very lame, the plot was somehow predictable in the middle of the movie and the gulat-style was very classic! Really! I mean they must have done that in purpose, I read a review just now by Bruce Diones on Rotten Tomatoes and it said "Wan and Whannell have, in effect, ripped pages from the "Poltergeist" playbook and stripped the formulas down to old-style gothic scares." That's exactly what I'm meaning to say, gothic scares! 
Well I can't say it's a total waste of time. It's not that bad anyway, but it didn't keep me awake all night or make me sleep with my mom either.  
Even the title screen screams classic!


  1. patay ka kay maki!!! i'm keeping a screen cap just in case!!!! hahahahahah!!! and nakapag picture ka sa casino jan??? dito bawal!!! haha

  2. heheh bawal din actually, pero nasa escalator ako nun.. huy!! don't tell!!!!

  3. Ang daming ngyari at detailed really had a great time:)

    happy blogging:)

  4. the proposal was so sweet! nice idea =)