Sunday, July 17, 2011

Pre Cana

One of the requirements before getting married is an attendance to an interview plus seminar done by the Church. We were scheduled to have it last July 9.

The interview was conducted by the priest. It lasted for a good 5 minutes - half of that revolved around my boyfriend's job. Too bad, we actually prepared for some gruesome questions concerning sex, drugs, abortion and the likes. And all we had was one lousy question regarding both parties' sanity. Yeah, he asked if by any chance, we had mentally-unstable relatives. I was kinda surprised but it was explained to me that mental condition may be a ground for annulment. Are neighbors included?

Okay... moving on to the Pre Cana Seminar. It was led by a third party group who usually does this stuff. We joined other couples for half a day, listening and sharing. Though they did most of the sharing. I don't know, I was never comfortable talking about my love life , well at least in person (coz here I am, blogging about it, lol). And I cringed on their stories. Yeah, they're sweet and all, but hey, we're still strangers! I don't wanna hear about your nagkadevelopan stories. TMI people, TMI.

Yes, I seemed very inattentive all through out, as a matter of fact, the speaker called for my attention at one point because I was "whispering" (i never thought it was that loud) as she was speaking. But hey, I picked up the whole point. I was even touched by the explanation why it was named "pre-cana". If you've absorbed some lessons on Religion subject way back in elementary days, you'll remember that Jesus performed His very first miracle in a wedding in Cana (water turned into wine). So yeah, it was nothing but suitable to relate it to that. Which made me somehow wish He would do the same on our wedding, but then I realized I am not a wine-drinker myself. And besides, I am thankful enough for the wedding, finding the perfect guy who can put up with me is already a miracle. Lol.

Another thing we were thought that time is was the power of prayer. Of course, we do pray. But it becomes more remarkable if we pray not only for ourselves but for others too. You see, it's not consumable. Praying is without limit, so never for a moment think that you're wasting your chance of praying if you prayed for other people too.

Lastly, they thought us something, which in my opinion is the best advice they can ever give to couples. That is to keep every quarrels to themselves. It was even pointed out specifically, "never include your parents to your fights". Hahah. I knew a lot of people living a life of hell because their parents-in-law perceive them as someone flawed - someone unworthy. Why? Because their partners made them seem that way each time they narrate every nasty imperfections the other one have. So I totally agree to that. Actually, we both agreed to that. We have practiced that from day 1, so until now, his parents still think I'm an angel and my parents still adores him so much too (even if we broke up several times already, hah!).

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