Sunday, July 10, 2011

May You be Guided Back Home

You are the most common-looking dog we ever had. You are noisy, fidgety and stubborn. Despite of that, you are definitely funny, sweet and most of all, lovable. You make funny noises only you are capable of every time you're being scolded. Which is why it's so impossible to get mad at you.

I just hate why is it in every dog's genes to go out of the gate to chase cars, stray dogs and people aimlessly. I hate it why they have to get lost when their tracks get washed out by the rain. I hate the fact that you might had been run over by a car or captured by some stupid, dog-eating drunkards (Oh God forbid that!).

Boy, you got me heartbroken. I still hope you're still out there, having fun. Just come home when you get hungry or tired. May you be guided back home. I miss you already, my iPod. You know you're my bff.


  1. awwwwww....ipod looks was very common that's why its hard to find him. may his sniffing power guide him to go back home =(

  2. Awww. He looks so adorable. I hope he fnds his way home.