Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Saizen Mud Pack

Have you heard of that Japanese store, Saizen, where you can buy stuffs for 85 pesos each? A store where you'll find quirky stuffs which will make you wonder what the hell are they thinking inventing these things: 

Banana Guard

Saizen @ Robinsons Galleria carries these things. They don’t exactly look as pleasing, especially in pink or Viagra blue.
e.g. Banana keeper - a container specifically designed to keep a banana from bruising. IKR.
There you'll find crazy stuffs with even crazier english-translated instructions. You'll definitely kill a lot of time being amazed by the Japanese's creativity and innovations (even on the darndest little things). You'll also find yourself wanting to buy random stuffs, swearing you definitely needed them even though you've survived most of your life having no clue they existed at all:  
e.g. Portable ashtrays - you'll never have to flick ash on the floor anymore. Seriously?
Since my cousin works there as a manager, she gave me a tour while explaining the usages of their items. She said they barely had sales that day so she forced me to buy some things. Fine. I carefully picked out things I could actually use (or eat). One of the items I chose is a mud pack, I found out afterwards that there have been raves about this product which made me felt good about the purchase. 

It's just a mask! Don't freak out.
The package did not come with english instructions so I basically just followed my mud pack instinct. I let my pores open up first by patting my face with a warm towelette. Then I covered my face with the mask, waited until it's dry enough and peeled it off. It was surprisingly black and glossy at first but it dried out matte. The whole process took half an hour. I was so excited to peel it and watch those darn black heads say goodbye to my epidermis! True enough, it was effective! My face even felt a lot smoother afterwards. 

But one thing worth mentioning, co-incidence or not, I woke up with some red rashes on my face. I got so dang nervous about them but just before I freaked out, they're gone. Yes, they voluntarily disappeared after some few hours. Did the mask cause it? I don't know, but there's only one way to find out. 

photos from here and here


  1. I love the whole charcoal line from Saizen. Although, I don't really use the mask that often anymore. It's just so painful to remove. hehe. =))

  2. Have you tried the mask again? I've been meaning to buy one pero I got a bit hesitant when I read that your skin reacted to it.

  3. i want the banana keeper =)