Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A Real Wedding Experience

I've been blogging about my upcoming wedding for quite some time now. I've never been this excited about something before. I've been researching and planning it endlessly on my pc, then I wondered, when was the last time I attended a REAL wedding? I must see one before I had my own. I must have a preview of what, and what not to have on mine.

Until recently, my mom received an invitation to an actual wedding. She'll be one of the Primary Sponsors and of course, she needed a "driver" to live up to that "primary" status. And no, I won't be the driver since I kinda banned myself from driving on the highway until I realize that running over stubborn kids on the streets is wrong. My brother had only 3 VLs left until December so he refused too. She asked my boyfriend to do it instead. Luckily, it was my day off too so I tagged along.

It was a rural wedding. I felt a little sad for the bride not because it was done in a barrio, but because I know it could've used some improvements. I did not blame the bride herself but I despised her suppliers. First, the invitations looked very DIY. You can see pencil markings, irregular cuts and inappropriate fonts. You see, there's nothing wrong with DIY, except that it's NOT! I can't believe they were professionally made. Then the flowers, how can I describe them kindly? Well, they were half dead, a stone's throw away from being literally withered. Then groom's men had very different styles and colors of suits. And not to mention, very poor-fitting. The cameramen acted as coordinators, commanding everyone when to stop, pose and walk. It ruined the solemnity and spontaneity of the ceremony. During the reception, I can't stop whining how unorganized their setup was. I mean, a lot of people were hoarding excessive amount of foods which made the latter batch hungry and unsatisfied (aka ME).

I know my opinions were unsolicited but I can't think of other ways to vent out. But it was not a total disaster for me. Before you brand me as a cynical b*cth, let me tell you about my epiphany. As I was busy picking on the details of the entourage, the bride arrived. They closed the door for her grand entrance. The music changed for a more dramatic mood as she walked down the aisle. Suddenly, I just felt my heart racing and eyes welling up. I was sincerely touched! Imagine what she's been feeling on that very moment. It must be a thousand times of mine. That overwhelmingly beautiful kind of happiness. That feeling of having your dreams come true right before your eyes. Sigh.

So there, I realized, minor details may not matter at all when you know nothing in the world can bring you down at that moment. A wedding may seem to be about a beautiful and flawless ceremony, but what matters more is the union, the marriage itself. *

*but I still want mine to be perfect... crosses fingers and toes. 

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