Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Night to Recover

Socks, Pajamas, Blanket and a Cat - my version of Biogesic
Yesterday, I summoned all my guts to go to a doctor. I never feared doctors before because I knew I was only getting checked for minor illnesses (fever, tonsilitis, uti). But yesterday was a different story. It took me two weeks of self-medication and procrastination before I finally went to one. What held me back was the thought of "what the hell is wrong with me", because it wasn't an obvious sickness. I got something on my throat which are too disgusting to discuss. My usual paranoid self deduced it right away to cancer, mouth gonorrhea (WTF, right? Really, wtf am I thinking?) or anything horrible and life threatening.

As the ENT specialist checked my throat with a scope (showed it on a monitor which made the whole deal a hundred times more eeew), he told me it was just another case of tonsilitis which infected my adenoids. Normally, adenoids shrink after childhood. And guess what, in my case, they didn't. Just my luck!

I'm happy it was barely life-threatening, to prove, I was just prescribed to take a total of three pills. Still, I felt a little feverish that night so I resorted to my favorite things to feel better. Socks, pajamas, blanket, Plicka my cat and a warm peppermint tea! And for the record, I slept at 12am - my earliest sleep this year!

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  1. good. makukuha ng antibiotic yan.
    get well!