Friday, June 3, 2011

Off He Goes Again

It was the longest time I've been with my dad, well, me as an adult that is. He stayed home for 6 months this time. I never got to know him that much since he always work overseas for as long as I remember. During his recent stay, I got to know him better. I am fascinated how similar we are to each other. Yeah I may look like my mother's clone, but I got some attitude from him, some are good, others bad. My mother had some complaints on how stubborn I am. She says I got that from him. Hahah! No wonder when he tries to discipline me, I feel like a teenage rebel talking back on every sermon he throws. I also got my obsession with lotions, perfumes and Vicks from him. And of course, everyone know's how we both love pets. 

I love how he spoils everyone rotten. There was this one time when I said I liked the spiced vinegar he bought. After a week, he went back to the supermarket and came home with 4 different kinds of vinegars. He recognizes even those littlest things! He also had this dog who now wouldn't eat fish and vegetables just because he always gave her meat for the whole 6 months. He didn't want her eating bland foods. Such a literal spoiled bitch!

This morning, he left for Vietnam, again. I'm glad I got to know him better. Surely I'm gonna miss him. 

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