Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DIY time!

This month, we started doing some of our DIYs. My diy lists are:

  • Invitations
  • Boutonnières
  • Place cards
  • Some table decors
  • Table numbers
  • Menu cards
  • Confetti
  • Ring bearer pillow

I'm proud to say we're making some progress on the invitations and boutonnieres now. We've made the prototype for the invitation and showed it to some close friends for corrections.

He made this all by himself. I'm such a lucky bride.

We'll ditch the + sign as suggested by friends.
It's kinda ironic putting the French for RSVP with our Grecian theme, but most won't notice.
These are just prototypes, don't mind some imperfections. We'll do our best to mass produce perfect ones, fingers crossed. With these invites, we used specialty board, tracing paper, glue and ribbon. It's pretty simple, we just did the design on Photoshop, printed and literally cut and pasted them and that's it.

Now the boutonnieres are different story. They're more complicated than this. I've made a procedure for them because so far, we were just able to produce 7 pieces out of 25. It's kinda back aching but enjoyable nevertheless. Here's my olive leaf boutonniere 101:

Paste green leaf-shaped felt papers back to back and saw them together for a little diy drama.

Insert a wire wrapped in floral tape into the leaf's top and secure it by twisting the wire on to the botton. This serves two purposes,  for aesthetic reasons and it doubles as stem.

Green ribbon will be wrapped on the stem and the blue one will be a ribbon.

Here's the blue ribbon. The other one is made by gluing a bead on top of a wire to serve as the olive fruit.

Here it is when assembled! It's a little out of proportion, but I still have 18 more to perfect :)
I'm really enjoying these little details. They're everyday's little reminders that our special day is really approaching!

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