Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Smelling an Obsession Brewing

Blame it to the craziest polish fan in the country. She and her blog, fueled this addiction I'm brewing right now.

I'm talking about nail polishes. Who would have thought I'll fancy these kind of things. I can't even have my nails longer than my fingertip. They're always short, and when I say short, I really mean short - short. I can't even shape them, it makes me want to bite random things whenever I file them. But what the heck, I love them polished. They make me smile when they glisten.

I can't have them done by other people too, not even the professionals, because I just can't. I'm just not comfortable. So I basically have to do them by myself. I've been on the search for decent yet affordable polishes lately (and not to mention, accessible from our province). I've been using local brands but they, most of the time, end up disappointing me with their staying power and narrow choices of colors. Until recently, I discovered 2 brands.

The first one is Elf (Eyeslipsface). I wonder why they didn't include nails on their brand name, would've been Elfn. I used this brand for my pre-nup photoshoot. I just aimed for a natural looking nails so I picked a natural-looking one, Light Pink.
One coat - I'm disappointed on how sheer it was.
Still very sheer.
2 days after application, they all ended up chipped and matte.  Now I know why "nail" wasn't included in Elf's name. Not worth it of my 100+ Php.

Next one I found was The Face Shop. It's a Korean store filled with Korean beauty goodies! Let's admit, they do know how to prettify. I grabbed three of their polishes. With 95 Php a pop, it's not that bad at all.

GL 112. See how jam packed it is with micro glitters?

Told you, I have short nails. This is 2 coats.
GL 112 is a metallic, goldish, pinkish, shimmery goodness. It goes opaque in 2 coats. This one lasted (with top coat) for a week. Not bad, to think I do household chores.

My Favorite Trio: The Face Shop WH004, Caronia Blue Velvet, The Face Shop Top Coat
Goal: A starry night nails.

I chose Blue Velvet to be the base for a deep blue evening. I used 1 coat to avoid having nearly black nails. WH004 has a clear jelly base packed with huge blue and purple glitters and stars. The result:
Please excuse some mess, I'm still learning..
I'm very happy with the result! My nails are magical. I have several thoughts on the polishes though. First, the stars on WH004 were so hard to capture on brush. I had to flip the bottle several times just to get one, just a little frustrating. Also, if placed on the curved area of the nail, the stars' edges tend to stick out even with heavy top coat. This causes them to get caught on clothes and blankets, which is kinda annoying. So make sure you place them on the nail's flat surface or push them securely using the pointed tip of a nail pusher. 

I just ordered some goodies from a trusted online shop (eye liner and lip balm). Items were delivered in perfect condition. I browsed her shop again and I just had an epiphany. Why limit myself with malls' polishes? She sells beautiful polishes too! Gotta try some, one paycheck at a time. This will be fun!


  1. Hi! Found your blog via Gtalk! I love the last photo! I want stars on my nails too! :D

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