Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hibernation over

And I'm suddenly alive! I just felt a sudden urge to blog again after being on a couple of months hiatus. What paused me? Work. 

I know, I know... I only work at home and I may not have the right to complain about being stressed and all, but yes, I did a lot of complaining already and I even let my world stop because of it. A lot of you may not understand, so I just feel the need to explain. I work online. It's a full time job, requiring 8 straight hours per day, 6 days per week. I have team mates and bosses too. The job's nature is based on an online simulation game, selling virtual stuffs which are paid in actual dollars. Sounds fun right? Wrong. Aside from playing pretend in-game, we also constantly maintain data, advertisements, promotions and every actual business things in between. 

It was actually no sweat, until recently, I got to work closely with our CEO. Ever seen House MD? He's like that, except in a geeky-gamer genius kind of way. He's also that sarcastic and has no regards to people's emotions. I feel both privileged and cursed at the same time to work with him. I have to extend work hours from the original 8 hrs a day, to 12 hrs a day. I felt mentally tired that I can't even bear the thought of opening my laptop to blog or surf after working. I almost gave up after receiving several f***s, and s***s, but what the hell, where can I find this kind of decent-paying job right at the comforts of my home. So I fought and continued to fight. 

Until now that I have finally adjusted to that change, that I have started enjoying again. I have reduced my work hours to 9 hrs. I am blogging again. I even found time to dance this morning. True enough, things are easier when you accept them. That's why it feels so nice to be back! 

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