Monday, January 7, 2013

Camiguin Day Tour

This is our tour proper. We agreed on an 8am - 5pm motorcycle rental. We woke up at 5am to have time for an energizing breakfast. As my husband went out for a smoke at 7 in the morning, the motorcycle guy is already outside our hotel, waiting. He's so early! We rushed dressing up and took advantage of that extra hour. Our first stop: the White Island. We had no tour guide, all we have is a map and the locals. After asking several people for directions, we reached our destination. To reach the sand bar, one should hire a boat. Rental fee is 400 Pesos. Travel time is just around 10 minutes.

It was stunning. How could such a pretty thing exist in the middle of an ocean?

The famous sand bar
The sun was scorching - which means FUN!
One of our rare couple photos - thanks to our tripod!

Photo op after snorkling. Too bad there's not much to see underwater.
We stayed there for a good hour or two. I rarely check the time during vacations so forgive when all I can do is to estimate time. I also suck at directions so any corrections are welcome. So moving on...

We stopped by to cherish this cliff's view. It overlooks the sunken cemetery.
With the sunken cemetery in sight, we decided it would be our next stop. Before arriving there, we saw another spot where tourists flocked, it was the Via Crucis (or the Way of the Cross). The route to finish the station was an uphill trek which took us an hour to finish. It was at high noon and we haven't eaten yet! Truly a wonderful sacrifice to finish the station. As we reached the Resurrection station, we whispered a little prayer then hurried back down as we're already starving.

The First Station --> Me --> some wild flowers --> the Resurrection.
We ate the first eatery we saw. After lunch, we then proceeded to the Sunken Cemetery. There are locals who volunteers on taking pictures without naming a fee, but of course, tips will be greatly appreciated. One of them was a young kid who insisted we do cheesy cliche poses as if we're holding the cross on the palm of our hands. Okay fine, pagbigyan si totoy, aspiring directory siya. But sorry, I won't post the photos :P

It was a quick drive then we arrived at the Old Church ruins. This is an old church built in the 16th century which was then mostly destroyed by a massive volcano eruption in the 18th century.
The Church's main body

The bell tower behind me
Without having any major stops in mind, we just decided to ride the whole circumference of Camiguin road, stopping at any interesting spot we see. We stumbled upon signs of a spring somewhere out of way. Why not! I've read it's an interesting spring for its waters are said to be soda in nature.
Yes, true enough, the water is naturally bubbly like a soda.
Next stop is the Giant Clam Sactuary. I love clams, I love eating them that is. But seeing how giant these were, I think I would pass. One could even swallow my face!

That concluded our day. Our whole night was spent inside our hotel room, eating take-out chicken while watching television - my ideal kind of night!

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