Monday, January 9, 2012

Details...details.. details

Weddings are not just a day-long celebration. It's the whole process of preparation that makes it very memorable and enjoyable. I'm so proud to say me and my husband had a solid team work in organizing our special event. Everything was customized to our own taste. Every little detail were either personally made or chosen by us. 

  • A - That was me, measuring, cutting, pasting the invitations. I can't take all the pride for my husband designed the whole thing and I just helped mass producing, lol.
  • B - Finish product, yay! Yes, that's Santori and not Poro Point. We wanted a Grecian, particularly Santorini theme. 
  • C - VIP place cards. My husband made all 41 of them in just one night. He's amazing.
  • D - Rice for tossing. These were my favorite. I made them from scratch from metallic construction paper, tracing paper, stickers, ribbons, rice and glitter confetti.
  • E - VIP table set up. Color, design and arrangement, personally picked by us. Our florist was wonderful enough to have properly interpreted it.
  • F - Children's headdress. Again, our florist made them according to our choice, to add just a little Grecian feel to our entourage.
  • G - Table numbers. 30 pieces, all made by my husband. People were wondering why we can't just ask someone from the restaurant or our florist to do these little details. Well, it was fun doing them! 
  • H - Blue water, blue flowers. Ugh, these were my last minute decision. I first opted with simple white flowers for the round tables, but these came into my mind the last few days, so I asked the florist to make 15 of the tables pretty and the other 15 simple. That's how fickle I've been.
  • I - Envelope for the invites. Originally, we didn't plan of having any envelopes for the invites. Until we were condemned by our parents, saying invitations must have pretty envelopes and must have ribbons too. So there. That's our take on the 'traditional' invitation look.
  • J - Bouttonniere. That's me struggling to be artistic. That's the prototype, I'm glad the actual one I've made were more decent than that one, lol.

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