Thursday, January 12, 2012

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue...

Ever since childhood, I've been hearing this phrase when it comes to weddings. I was never traditional, but it seemed fun to do. So yeah, I collected each of these for my wedding outfit.

I just googled the full meaning of this tradition just now, hahah. And apparently, I missed one. It should be:

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

Ugh, how can I have a sixpence in my shoe when I didn't even wore one? I wore open sandals. And I have no clue where to get a silver sixpence. 'Di ba pwedeng piso nalang? So yeah, nvm. 

Here's my Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue plus their meaning and some few stories behind them:

  • Something Old - Something old, according to my research, represents continuity. It symbolizes a link between a bride and her mother (or grandmother). For me, it was my mom's old silver brooch. My father bought it from Indonesia and gave it to her when I was in early highschool. It's not that antique, but I simply loved it the moment I saw it. It looked perfect as I attached it on my bouquet's handle. 
  • Something New - Something new represents good luck and success and the bride's hope for a bright future in her new married life. The wedding gown is often chosen as the new item. My gown gathered so many praises from that actual day and from photos as well. As a polish-lover (not yet an addict though), my new Deborah Lippman Today was a Fairy Tale was also one of my favorite 'new item'. It should not be that big of a deal, except that, it was bought by no less than Ms. Pam Pastor. Yep, the craziest polish addict I've known. My wedding polish was personally brewed by her. Barry M. Blue moon with Today was a Fairy Tale on top. Blue Moon is the next story.
  • Something Borrowed - it is to represent to the bride that friends and family will be there for here whenever help is needed. My 'something borrowed' was Blue Moon by Barry M polish. I borrowed it from a blogger friend and a fellow polish lover, Pam Pastor. No, actually, I didn't borrow it on the first place, she lent it. She's that awesome! It means a lot considering how much she values her polishes, especially the Barry M. collection which she's trying to complete. It's heart-warming how she trusted me with that polish. 
  • Something Blue - Something blue is the symbol of faithfulness, purity and loyalty. This isn't too hard. Our motif is blue so naturally, I had something blue on my bouquet. But my favorite blues are my shoes! Look how vibrant they are. And they're very kind too for not giving me any aches and pains during and after the party (which seldom happens with new pair of shoes, right?)
got their meaning here

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