Friday, June 1, 2012

Season Break

Sadness.... ohhh too much sadness I wanna cry.

Oh forgive the melodrama. I'm just still in a state of a very different, unexplainable kind of sadness that comes every year - SEASON BREAK!!

Yes I'm a series junkie. I've been dealing with this addiction for several years already. It started more than 10 years ago. I was so young then, a highschool student... so naive. And yet I watched Sex and the City religiously, lol. Together with few other HBO original series, I didn't fail a single episode. It now amazes me how awesome that era was. I get to watch series by just remembering their weekly schedule and try, against all odds, to free that time of the day, to watch it on tv. And yet now, I have all the resources, electronic program guides, streamings, downloads and yet, I still miss some some. Oh well. Let's just say our old selves are more attentive and determined.

My adventures with Carrie Bradshaw continued until movies 1 and 2. I even bought complete season DVDs and brought them to Baguio during my board review because I didn't have a television. I watched them on and on for 6 months without ever tiring. 

After finally moving on... I tried other series. That's the start of it. Then came House, Pushing Daisies, Heroes, Chuck, Lie to Me, The Vampire Diaries, How I Met Your Mother, The Bigbang Theory, The Walking Dead, Fringe. The end of Chuck really broke my heart. The ending was hopeful and yet sad. But it's nothing compared to my heartbreak when House MD, ended recently. Why?? Why do they have to make Wilson dying? Why do they have to make House's identity die? Can't they just make Cuddy appear and marry House, have kids and live happily ever after? Lol. Kidding. I commend it's originality. But still!! I can't believe I won't be seeing any more of Hugh Laurie, walking limply, while being an ass to everyone. Sad sad sad. Nevertheless, 8 seasons of that awesomeness is not bad at all.

And now, most of the ones I mentioned above are still running, but currently on a season break! I do not know exactly how they run their programs in the United States, but most of the series opens and ends almost at the same time. So when they all end a certain season, I have no choice but to wait. They will resume some time in September/October this year. Oh the agony! 

During their last mid-season break, I forced myself to watch a Koreanovela, City Hunter. Forced by whom? My dear husband, lol. He watched the whole of it before me. He strongly recommended giving it a chance. I'm not against of those kinds of series, but he had to do a lot of convincing because I thought it was just an action series. Well yes, it had a lot of action, but the main story was amazing, and not to mention the lovestory! Plus, the bida is so gwapo! Lol, yeah, I mean it. 

Now I have found the perfect diversion again to somehow lessen the misery of waiting. You see, I have adopted a very adorable little puppy. Exept that, he's not so little anymore after 2 weeks. He's a Labrador Retriever, which I swear grows right in front of my eyes! I think in two months time, this little fella will be as big as my other local bred dogs, well again, except that, he'll still be a puppy! He's a crazy, hyperactive, destructive and yet a very lovable baby. I understand he's 10 time more playful now that he's still young so as early as now, I am trying my best to train him become a more disciplined dog. I can't have a 70-pound of meat running around the house destructing anything that comes along his way. Oh no, he can't be a Marley (although he looks like him). I can't afford having our future carpet being ruined or having our future babies being tumbled down by him. Right now, he tackles and bites my precious cat, it makes me angry so I have to stop that habit. 

With that, came my next series obsession - The Dog Whisperer. It's a reality tv series featuring the training and rehabilitation of Ceasar Milan to dogs and their masters. Yup, I'm a fan of Ceasar now. I personally think he's like a dog deity or something. I am really in awe when I try the things he teaches and they actually work. I have only seen the some latest episodes on tv recently. His show is already on it's 8th season so I have a lot of catching to do, which is perfect! I think I can finish all of them right before my other series start. I hope I can apply them in real life and make my little Bownie more disciplined and pleasant to be with.

For now, let me leave you with some photos of him.

Isn't he adorable?? How can you spank that little angel!


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