Sunday, August 5, 2012

Real Life Took Over

Whoa! Two months have passed since my last post! Two very quick months... How could I even summarize that in a post? 

Let me try to think why I haven't even taken a peek to this blog. Hmmmm.. Oh yeah, real life took place and I was too busy/lazy to document it.

So let me summarize as much as I can just to keep this thing updated.

  • Around June, My bff got married. It was such a perfect ceremony. I had my role of being a bridesmaid, which basically had no role but to look pretty. I mean, I'm not complaining at all. It was such a fun day to camwhore and pose for not just one but two professional photographers. So yeah, I ended up having the most number of "extra" photos and it was funny because my face was always randomly flashed on the AVPs. Anyway, I had two teary-eyed moments during their wedding. One was during their vow and the other was during the reception. I was just so happy for her that everything turned out perfect. 
Look how lovely this is (Taken by Jaja Samaniego)

  • Around June also, I had this very quick yet fun getaway with my husband and my friends. It was a supposed overnighter but something came up so it was even narrowed down to a day tour. Nevertheless, it was still a day full of laughters, sunblocks and positivity! White Rock, Subic, was not bad at all. It was a bit pricey at 850 Php per pax plus 2000 Php mandatory cottage rental. It had a lot of water activities including wave pools, kayaks, wall climbing, zipline, amazing slides and oh, a beach. The beach was unfortunately so-so. Maybe even lower a standard of decency. Really. It was really murky. If it weren't for their tons of other activities and their awesome staffs, we would have been really disappointed. I did mention there was a playground, right? Right. We've seen it right after we changed into our swimsuits. The seesaws looked fun so what the hell, me and my husband tried one. It was fun at first but being a lightweight myself, I actually got thrown off. Yeah, as in literally thrown off. I flew, then landed on the bars, flew again, landed on the ground. It was so dyahe pare, nakakahiya!!! And not to mention, extremely painful. It was a jolt of pain I have never ever experienced before. My inner thighs landed on the bars, bruising them badly. My whole body was shaking. Good thing it was just a sudden burst. Like a 7-minute hell and then it was gone. Still painful the whole day but it got really tolerable. So yeah, that happened maybe like an hour after our arrival, just my luck!
With our Minnie Mouse pose

What did I tell you about the beach?
  • Around July, the sweetest husband in the whole wide world gave me an early birthday present. Knowing how I wanted to have a hobby and how we both shared a love for travel, he did several weeks of research on how to scour inexpensive beginners' cameras. It was a very heart-warming effort on making me happy (even though, I swear, I never asked for it but he just knew!).We got lucky upon scoring a slighty used Canon 1000d for only 10,800 Php which is still in a perfect condition. So now, this keeps me occupied. I love this learning phase but I hope I improve more and more through practice and time (coz my shots still suck). In relation to this, I will be lauching my photo blog to document my progress. I will launch it on my birthday, August 8. I have yet to name them still (the camera and the blog). So exciting!
  • Let me turn on my rant mode for a few minutes. Last week, I finally got our wedding video. Guess what? We were disappointed. Sadly, they did not deliver according to our expectations. It was hardly HD like what we paid for (half of it is in poor quality). I won't elaborate on that sad thing because, well, because, it's a fail part on my end! I should have not hurried up in booking that company. Sigh. 
  • Present time. It has been raining everyday for the past two weeks. This sucks! Rain may have some advantages, yes, but it also comes with a lot of inconveniences! First, our bedroom roof leaks. Not a big of a deal for me, but for the house itself, it is. Second, random insects/ reptiles take refuge into our home. It's freaking disgusting and scary!!! We don't live in a jungle, but there was this one time last week, where my mom woke us up in a panic at 3 in the morning when she found a snake in our kitchen. A freaking snake! It was maybe half an inch in cross-section diameter and maybe a foot and a half long. Humor me and tell me that isn't a snake yet. Aside from that incident, something more disgusting is going on in my bedroom. Yes, as in right now. Our closet has been infested by effing cockroaches!!! Wtf, right? We hired someone earlier today to clean, cement and seal the closet's base. And night came, I thought I can already rearrange our clothes, so we can sleep in peace, but surprise surprise, I found more cockroaches! Some came from the closet's ceiling. Holy crap. This is really disturbing! It's frustrating, really. Oh well, I hope this scary phase ends soon. /Rant mode off. 

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