Friday, August 10, 2012

My 27th

When caught off-guard and asked how old am I, I had to compute. True story. I sometimes forget how old I am. Age is just a number. Yesterday, I turned 27. I compute it very quickly by getting the last digit of the year, and then adding 5. 2+5 = 7. Got it? Good. 

It was a rainy day. I stayed home all day with my family, eating my favorite foods all through out. Hotdogs and cheese spread for breakfast. Kare kare for lunch and sotanghon soup (perfect for the weather) for mirienda! I'm not really into big parties, birthday bitchness and such. I've always just wanted to celebrate it with people dear to me.

Later in the afternoon, we endured the bad weather and went to the Carmelite Monastery for a thanksgiving visit. Then we went to this old mall for some good finds. Imagine scoring a pretty swimsuit cover up for 100 Pesos! Everything's on sale due to bad weather especially for off peak items like summer wears.

We ate our dinner on a hidden gem, a resto called John's Kitchen. It is located inside Timog Park Homes subdivision, quite far from the heart of the city. I have read raves about this so what the hell, let's fight the strong rains and try it!

The ambience
Complimentary bread and pesto, cheese and butter spreads
Greek Salad (185 Php) - Greens, cucumber, oninons, olives, feta cheese, lemon vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes and pita bread. 
Surf and Turf (295 Php) - Grilled prime rib, mashed potato, mussels, prawns, amazing gravy and white sauce with a side of grilled tomato and mushroom 
Pork Ribs (265 Php) - Barbecued pork ribs, rice and a side of veggies 
The food was amazing! Aside from these, we also had a Chocolate Mousse for dessert and Fish and Chips for take out. They were equally presentable and delicious. Judging from the price versus the quality and quantity of the food, I am giving this restaurant 10 million points. I would recommend it for your birthdays, anniversaries, ordinary days, whatever. It's one of my favorite place now. I've read it's owned and operated by a top caliber chef who personally prepares the food. Just awesome.

We were home just before 9pm. Yep, that early! That pretty much is my birthday in a nutshell. I am really thankful to be surrounded by people I love which makes my every birthdays very special. 

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  1. i love your shots at the foods. Looks great!

    and happy birthday