Friday, October 31, 2014

I'm Starting to Fell Like Mommy Now

High Frequency band ranges from 3 - 30 Mega Hertz. I've only known this fact for so long through school and some of its familiar application like the citizens' band and RFID among others. 

It's funny how a simple 6.7 MHz high frequency wave can make such a difference in my life though. Who knew it could trigger one thing that has been in deep slumber for some years now - my maternal instinct. I am referring to the earliest form of confirming the baby's presence and condition, a TVS ultrasound.

It was October 14, it's my 12th week pregnancy mark - finally, we can have our very first meet and greet session with our little fetus through that ultrasound. The feeling of seeing it and hearing its heartbeat was surreal! Here's the photo of our tiny one: 

So cute and so tiny!
During my 13th week, baby felt a little triskaidekaphobic and made me shed some few blood. It scared the hell out of me that I started crying. It panicked our whole household that they wanted to rush me to the nearest ER but I tried to keep it together so that I won't startle my baby. We waited for a clinic to open instead.The doctor said it could be due to one of many things such as lifting of heavy objects, stress and the scariest one, maternal or fetal abnormalities. I was advised to take a week-long bed rest and was given a set of medicines. It sucked but the couch potato in me somehow liked it, what choice do I have anyway? I tried to enjoy the mandatory vacation and indulged in some good US tv series like Arrow, The Flash and Gotham. Bleeding lasted for 3 days and after only 6 days of rest, I went back to my doctor for another ultrasound just to check. The baby made a little show for us. It started to move around actively as if trying to tell us that everything's fine. It was so active that the doctor had a hard time measuring its heart size. But by the looks of it, the doctor said it looks pretty normal-sized. Heartbeat's strong too. There's just one thing though, I have a low-lying placenta, which triggered the previous bleeding. It's still on an early stage though and it still can, hopefully, fix itself through time. I try not to worry too much about it since there's nothing I can't do about it anyway and negative emotion is a big no-no. I am just so happy we're both fine now.

Those are my recent ups and downs. That scary week made me and my husband a lot more attentive to our baby. We sing and talk to it more frequently now and we read it stories every night.  I'm on my second semester now, how time flies! I hope there would be no nerve-wracking episodes anymore and everything will just flow happily and smoothly!

***Sorry I had to address the baby as "it" for the meantime since it's still too early to tell its gender. 

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