Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My First Trimester

I'm into my 12th week now and I can say I'm adjusting well to this new phase of my life. The first few weeks were nothing but weird though. Let me just share my random thoughts and experiences in my early stage of pregnancy.

* My first thought was not so mommy-ish, I was like "Omg, I'm breeding a growing human being inside me, isn't that a bit alien-like?"

* One of the things I was looking forward whenever I was thinking about pregnancy is being spared from monthly periods. Wrong. The mild nausea and cramps felt like I was about to have a bad period all day, every day for the first month. 

*The crying spells... UGH! I suddenly became the biggest drama queen in the world. There was this one time when I was watching Mean Girls on the television when I found myself welling in tears just because Cady confessed to Ms. Norbery that she wrote the burn book all by herself. Pathetic.

*I am blessed with a peaceful "paglilihi". There were no crazy craving requests, no morning throw-ups, no food aversions and any deranged habits. Food is my salvation, it makes my forget any incoming symptoms, plus it makes me happy. My husband made sure I am stuffed with everything I need. He's the greatest!

*I may be spared with morning sicknesses but my body still has some physical reactions to all the changes it is experiencing. For one, I am all of a sudden acidic. I hate it for I love eating spicy and fatty foods! Oh thank heavens for ginger tea for being the only remedy that works wonders.

*My hormones are raging. Everything I feel is heightened. Good thing I'm happy most of the time. I get annoyed quicker too. My tolerance for bullshit fell from low into dangerously low. Ugh, how could stupid people act like they know it all and think they could get away with it?

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