Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Resurfacing bit by bit by bit.

I played dota for the first time. It feels weird… in a painful kind of way. You see, I haven’t played this game since I lost my shop. I used to play this with my customers. Those teenage guys, whom I despised at first because of their big mouths, but eventually became my regular customers slash friends. Those kids kept me sane and young. We played games, joked around, laughed around and even talked about our lives. I felt I had little siblings in them. And now they’re gone, or maybe I am. I got a chance to chat to one of them and he said they no longer hang out.  It was sad and comforting at the same time. Sad for I thought they were friends even outside the corners of my shop. Comforting because I know they became friends, even for just a short while, because of me.
I miss them.
I took a step forward and there is no stopping now. I am generating a new business at this moment and soon, I won’t be talking about that unfortunate event. It will just be an isolated case which brought a new and more successful endeavor. Soon… pretty soon.  

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