Sunday, February 13, 2011

The whole world has moved on while I’m still stuck to this chair.

You already know what happened to my beloved business, I know, for I have ranted about it several times now. Well guess what, the world had moved on, it had stopped sympathizing. 

And now I face a crossroad. Should I forever bum at home and find different ways to earn (eg, business, online jobs) or should I find a job?

You may ask why I dread getting a job that much. I have always said, working for a company is not for me. I rather be my own boss. Some people were born to be leaders. They command to have what they want. Some people were born to be followers. They execute commands wholeheartedly. I grew up being neither. My needs are handed to me voluntarily. I have to exert a just little effort for things I really want.  It is my personal belief I am an unofficial princess. And then I grew up to this age where I have been exposed to this cruel world, where I need to survive, where those who have always given me everything are just so busy with their own lives, a damned world where I have to face outside forces like bad people who steal away belongings, happiness and dignity. And now my identity is on the edge. Will I throw away who I have always believed I am, or will I stay to be the unofficial princess who smiles her way through adversities? 

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