Thursday, March 17, 2011

Blog Title

Kismet: a predetermined course of events. Why?

Well, first of all, I am not that big a fan of destiny and all that stuff. I am not against it either. I believe in God's will, and I think that is in other words, Kismet - well, in a mushy mushy kind of way. 

Okay, I was just amazed by the word itself. I first read it as a song title by the band Silent Sanctuary (a band that I dearly love). I thought it was genius and original as a song title. And now, a blog title. Not so original, huh? Plus apparently, as I checked the availability, a lot of bloggers already chosen some varieties of the url Burn. Anyway, I still love it. 

Totally irrelevant postscript: 
I wish I have one of those kick-ass photos that bloggers used to post on their blogs. Sad. I do not have an interesting life right now and a huge professional camera to capture it. I made the image above tho, hoping it will make any difference. 

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