Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I have killed a lot of journals and blogs. I hope this one's going to stay longer with me. 

Dance with Kismet. This blog is about me. About my dance with fate, destiny and every stupid things in between. Being the bum that I am today, I would not only want to kill time but also to immortalize the crazy things coming inside my idle mind. 

If you can notice, my avatar is about to get married! That's me, people! Maybe a year and a half from now. But nevertheless, let me document that journey here as well. 

I am a travel freak. Only that I still can not fund that addiction as of now. Once in a while, I go out but it may take a lifetime to tick off every item on my travel list. Be with me, but be patient for I am not in a hurry to complete them.

I do not have a dysfunctional family, that may be funny but I have an awesome one. They, together with my boyfriend, spoiled me rotten.

I studied for five years, reviewed for one year, got my licence, worked for three months on my first job, then 6 months on the next, then two weeks on the other, then four months on the last one. I just couldn't keep a job, I know. And then I found my passion - business. By the way, my course and license is far from business management but I enjoyed and handled it so well. But then no matter how tightly I held on to it, it still slipped. It got robbed empty. So there, the short story how I became a bum.  

I can be a huge snob at times, especially those who can't catch my interest. Sorry but that's who I am. To some I can be very open. To this blog, I can rant, cry, be pointless, complain, be deep, be emotional, be funny and tell stories with gory and/or boring details. 

I am currently looking for a job. I know it will destroy the little self-proclaimed princess inside me but it will help my boyfriend fund our wedding money. Say "awwwww".

This is supposed to be my pilot post but I decided to insert some past entries from my other journal. 

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