Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The time when the sea rose up to the shore.

Water as high as the trees

March 11 marked a date in the history. Japan was struck by an unprecedented magnitude of earthquake. It was crazy! It even motivated the sea to rise above its normal comfort zone and hasten its way to the streets. Some people call it tsunami, but I prefer calling it that way. A lot of people died and properties were destroyed. More importantly, it caused a very interesting damage into the minds of a lot of people, not only in Japan, but in the whole world. It was the idea of Armageddon.

It was just so surreal. Wars are everywhere. I am not sure of the cause but Australia had some serious problems. New Zealand buried a lot of bodies too. And now, Japan. It’s overwhelming to see these oh-so-powerful countries be crumbled into ground. It’s heartbreaking seeing properties destructed and be haunted about the fact that inside those properties, houses, buildings, cars – people are actually stuck inside them. Those are human beings for crying out loud!

Crazy Shallow Thoughts

This got me thinking - I am at times shallow. How can I be worried about my nail polish color? The night after I heard the news about Japan and how a lot of people are contemplating about the end of the world, I cried. I cried not because a lot of people died or because of worries about salvation, but because I may not be getting married. It was a big deal for me! Me, walking down the aisle, blushing bride, looking perfect, being anticipated by my man – that is my dream. And what if the world just melted at that very instance?
On the other note, I also got pissed of myself when I realized I have been checking on calories of the food I am eating. You see I have been doing the treadmill for a week now. It’s crazy because the more I exercise the more appetite I am getting. I exercise and burn 90 calories and then I drink a hundred-calorie glass of Coke. And my tummy is so stubborn it got me thinking it is inflatable! There are times that it seems fairly flat, and just a single glass of water after, it’s suddenly pregnant. When did I get this vain?

On my defense

Nail polish makes me happy. It’s like a cushion when I’m feeling a bit down. It is quite a cure for my sagging self-esteem. I just look at my nails and smile. Just like seeing sunshine on my fingers. Maybe I’ll lose this addiction once I got back to my usual self - fierce yet happy. On the drama about my wedding, yeah I may pull of a bridezilla stunt if ever the world began falling apart on or before my wedding day. But it will not hide the fact that may be the best day of my life as well. As my boyfriend saw my worried look, he said the most perfect thing. He told me I should not be worried at all for the best wedding is waiting for us in heaven. I should not have any sour feelings towards God’s plans. And after all, there is no better venue than that! Even better for a honeymoon location! And also, after billions and billions of years, how awesome will it be that He chose my era for the Revelation? That is sweet, right, being fetched from earth to heaven by no less than God Himself. How lucky can I be?

I have read on the Purpose Driven Life that we, people, should not cling to any worldly things. These are not ours anyway. I agree with that. As I browse through my other journal, I have seen my to-do list. Yeah they’re awesome. But aren’t they a little worldly? Hmmmm… Okay, I admit, I may be quite fascinated by the earth’s tourist spots, but just because it’s His creation as well. I just appreciate it that much. And the thought of those trips are the memories that will be invested. Not the luxury of the travels.

Hopeful yet Accepting

I still hope that this is not the end. But if it’s time I am more than willing to submit myself. May God bless us always, most especially our souls. May we deserve to stay in heaven with all our ancestors and be home at last.  

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