Friday, May 27, 2011

Baguio Lovin'

Forgive the photo quality, I'm trying to make a point. This is the rainiest Baguio photo I had.
It was announced that the summer is officially over this exact day. It was cut short by a typhoon, thus, shifting the season into a rainy one. Why am I, all of a sudden, interested on weather reports? Because of all the gloom around me! I hate the rain, it turns me into this nostalgic little fool. It makes me crave for things, people and places!

I miss Baguio. I always... always... think about it every rainy season. Why?

Circa 2007. I lived there for quite some time, 6 months to be exact. It wasn't for a summer vacation, but a time to review for board exams. It was rainy season the whole time I've been there. My boyfriend and I stayed on a cute little apartment (it was more like a room), on a quiet little village distant from the city proper. It was one of the highlights of my life so far. I experienced buying our everyday food from the talipapa. I learned how to cook. I learned how to fit expenses into our tiny budget. There was also this time when my bestest friends came over to celebrate my (and Dian's) birthday. That's the picture above. We had to sneak them into one of the apartment's room so that we can avoid paying for it! LOL. We spent the night drinking, eating and laughing. That's one of my memorable birthdays. And now I suddenly missed them.

November 2007. I went to PRC Baguio to check my board exams result and see its breakdown of scores. I met my boyfriend afterwards. I was about to go home that same day. Of course I didn't want to yet. It so happened that it was drizzling. It was a harmless drizzle, a far shot from an actual rain but called my mother anyway and told her it was raining cats and dogs. That travelling would be too risky. She let me stay there for the night. What I did was bad, but I thought I deserved a little white lie considering I gave them some good news with the exam's result.

Panagbenga 2008. I went there to visit my boyfriend who was still working there. The night before the main parade, we went out and got caught by the rain. I got an instant fever and never got the chance to watch the whole thing the next day. Could have been a total bummer, but I enjoyed the warm blankets too!

November 2008. Another lovelife visit. Lol. Guess what, it rained again.

August 2010. My boyfriend and I went there to celebrate our anniversary. It rained so hard for two days. Again, we got caught when we were about to go home, yet another instant fever for me! He even had to buy me a blanket to keep me warm in the bus because we were soaking wet! That blanket instantly became my favorite, I named it and used it everyday - even until now.

March 2011. After our Sagada adventure, we took the Baguio route on our way home. It was sunny the moment we left Sagada but drizzling in Baguio. Weird.

See the correlation? I was never there for the summer. It was all rain. That's how I knew Baguio. That's why I miss it now. 

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