Saturday, May 7, 2011


Life gave me lemons once again. I already have so many lemons, I don't exactly know what to do about them anymore.

Last December, I lost my phone and my only pair of gold earrings. Before the month ended, I lost my business. January, I lost the job I wanted. Today, I just realized, I lost my personal ATM card.


I do not actually recall how or when but as I checked earlier, it's just not in my purse. The last time I used it was February. I needed to use it earlier, but it was just not there. I doubted the option of misplacing it in my other bags because I never take it out from my purse. I checked online and I was so horrified with what I saw.

It was emptied. Judging from the transactions made, I already lost the card since April. It was so unlikely, my grievance over a lost belonging was a month late!

So now, I am officially depleted to the last drop. I still have some on my PayPal account, but those are for travel and other future things, so those are negligible. Me and my boyfriend are planning to open a joint account now, well at least some good news for me. That is a milestone. Us, officially saving for our wedding, but I think we'll have a passbook this time.

Hmmm.. so lemons.. what can I do about these lemons. Lemonade, anyone?

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