Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Food Quest: Buckaroo's Grilled Pizza and Burger

This is a segment where my boyfriend gets to review restaurants/burger joints for his quest of the best burger in the whole world. He has a unique take on burgers with some I don't find agreeable. But as a part of this blog, we will document every burger we eat until he gets to say he found it - the best burger ever.

We already had other burgers in the past. Let me just enumerate his ratings in a nutshell.

Brother's Black Angus Burger ------- 7/10
Big Brother's Burger ------------------- 7/10
Brother's Lamb Burger ----------------- 6/10
Friday's Jack Daniels Burger ---------- 5.5/10 (totally unbelievable! I would have given this a 10 without thinking)
Big City Burger -------------------------- 4/10 (i agree, lol!)
Kenny Rogers 9/10 ---------------------- 8.5/10
Mcdonald's cheeseburger -------------- 7/10

This quest took us to Buckaroo's Grilled Pizza and Burger Restaurant. It is a quite new establishment, located at SM Clark's Meeting Place. If you do not intend to eat there, I have 8 words for you "do.not.make.eye.contact.with.the.waiters". I did! It was just a fraction of a second and then boom, a kind-looking staff approached me and just stammered the whole content of their menu. He managed to recite the whole thing while looking down as if he's talking to the menu itself. It was so awkward I knew I just have to give in. I decided to eat there just to put him out of his misery. Don't get me wrong, I was not irritated at all. I think it was pity. Really! I thought maybe he has some required quota of customers or something. 

I did not regret giving in to this particular staff because he, later on, was uber attentive with our every needs. There was some point when I thought I saw him literally ran just to put a hot sauce on our table because he noticed we were looking for some. He ran! 

Moving on. So, where were we? Oh the food! 

First stop, the Buckeroo's Red Iced Tea. My boyfriend is very particular with his iced teas. He just loves them. To hell with the tea's color or origin, but tea for him has just 2 classifications - brewed and instant. 

The verdict? INSTANT. 
Score? 2/10

Taco, Php 165.00
Next stop is the Taco. It was surprisingly huge! Let me just do a quick verdict on this one. Price is 9/10 (mad cheap considering its size) and Taste is 7/10. I hate the fact that they used red onions and honey mustard. It was just not right to my taste buds. It won't even go well with Tabasco because of its weird sweetness. Also, the meat has no spices at all, it was just browned. They could have used a little help from McCormick. 

Buckaroo Burger (I forgot its real name), Php 165.00
First thing's first - the bun. The bun was dry, nothing really special, typical buns you can buy at any sari-sari stores. The patty, well hahah, according to him, was a like a huge cdo ulam burger! Though I thought was just a bit of an exaggeration, but I got the point. The veggies... the veggies ain't complete without their leader, the heart and soul of burgers - pickles! It has no pickle. The sauce was A1. The price was just okay, since it did not come with siders. Overall score for the burger was 6/10. Not that bad.

Fried Marshmallow
I was no fan of sweets but I had to order this out of curiosity. It was fried marshmallow! It was fine though. Nothing to rave about, but it was fine.

The Ambiance. Loved the Cowboy feel.
So the final verdict? 

It's a MUST TRY... once.

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