Saturday, May 7, 2011

Pizza Date

Every month, we make an excuse to indulge a little. It somehow happens on days near 27th. 27 is our monthsary, cheesy I know. We've been together for almost 6 years now and we're still celebrating it (except for the days we unintentionally forget about it). Last April 28, we went for a pizza-themed date. 

He went out from work at 5pm, we met afterwards. After an hour of non-stop walking and fake shopping (we picked clothes, decided to come back after dinner, then totally forgot about them), he suddenly felt hungry, as in sudden can't-walk-any-longer kind of hungry. We both agreed to eat at Yellow Cab, after all, it is our favorite pizza place. 

I think it was the hunger, for as we waited for our food to be served, he suddenly turned oh so cheesy! Kidding! He's always sweet, hungry or not, LOL. So sweet that he gave me this line:

"Sometimes, I have to treat my life". 
Attempting to correct his grammar, I said "You mean "I have to treat myself, not life"" 
Answering back, he said "I mean exactly what I said." "MY LIFE" then he pointed at me. 

I melted. 

The photo is not mine by the way. I was so hungry that I did not give a damn capturing it. 

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