Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Interview

It was July 2009. I was being interviewed for a job position. It was fast-paced - a written exam, interview, yet another interview, actual exam and then start after two days.

That was the last job interview I had until the next story. I kept that job for just 3 months.

Fast forward to April 26, 2011. I was in Makati for a  job interview. Recap: I was suffering from a hangover the day before when the company informed me the scheduled interview. I had no time to prepare whatsoever. My real problem was how to reach the building without getting lost. I am so damn clueless when it comes to NCR. I had to force my bf to file a leave just to accompany me. It took us an hour just to wait for the right bus to arrive in the terminal. I even saw my highschool crush, he looks old now though (totally irrelevant, i know). So there, just in the nick of time, we reached the venue.

I fell in line to be called. Technically, we were sitting on some comfy chairs. My bf  left me and killed time strolling around Greenbelt. There I was, surrounded by zealous fresh graduates as my competition. I eavesdropped on some interviewees' answers. I was like "Whoooaaa? Do you really have memorize that line?"

I remembered my interviews from the past. That's when it came clear to me. Yes, we really have to do that as fresh grads. We really had to oversell ourselves, enhance truths and never bargain. So now what? Do I have to act oh-so-interested and beat the hell out of those fresh grads?

As we all waited, some of them already became friends. Me? Being the big snob that I am, just sat there in the corner, eavesdropping. They were so enthusiastic and friendly! They were even practicing how to answer usual interview questions. They were so updated that they knew all the hiring companies, which university topped the board exams and which review center did the topnotcher go to. It was like surrounded by people of a secret society. I felt so out of place. Before I got so annoyed, I realized that there was absolutely nothing wrong with them. I was exactly like them 4 years ago. I have been out of the loop for quite some time now that I totally forgot what it was like to be young again. To strive doubly hard just to prove something to yourself.

I got so absorbed by my own issues that I did not recognize the time. It was past lunch time. There was only one HR lady assigned to our position. I think she got so hungry and just called three of us to be interviewed all at the same time. I believe that was not fair but that was her prerogative. I witnessed how one of us, an experienced engineer, owned our asses. She totally dominated the whole interview. I answered just satisfactorily while the other girl almost cried out of nervousness. How the hell did that happen? I knew how fierce I am when it comes to interviews. But I sat there like a lost puppy, totally starstruck by my co-interviewee. I acted so uninterested when I knew that company was to die for!

Then I realized, interview skill can really get rusty, even for the most spontaneous conversationalists. Now do I have to expect to receive another call, for a technical interview perhaps? It wouldn't hurt. Let's just see where this will lead me. 


  1. langya ka hanggang ngayun anti social ka pa din!! hehehe!! sana naging "ate" ka sa kanila. hehehe

  2. oh yes.. me and my "I don't give a damn" attitude na madalas kong ikapahamak. hehe

  3. Arvin U. de la Peña: Mabuti naman po.. :)

  4. There's no harm in hoping nga naman or why don't you make a follow up na rin to make the waiting time faster? :)

  5. Thanks Madz, they say their process will take a month. I guess I'll have to bum a little bit more =)