Monday, April 11, 2011

Baby Possibility

I'll settle with my cute fluffy cat this time.
My boyfriend and I had this "talk" earlier. As I had mentioned previously, we are planning to get married next year. You know, planning, nothing concrete yet. Anyway, out of nowhere, I asked him what will it be like after marriage. I mean, we do not have any doubts about each other, but are we even capable of starting a family? We are earning barely enough for our little travel to malls and other places. 

Financially, we had come up with a plan. Something I see as feasible. But then again, something popped out. The baby possibility. He said he wants to have it when he's 30. He's a year older than me. I was surprised with my bargain. I asked him if we can have it when I'm 30. That's even a year later. I just knew I am not yet baby-ready. 

I realized it all boiled down to a little scenario we had this afternoon. We were semi-babysitting his nephew when the baby cried out of boredom. We can't even do baby talks just to entertain that poor child. We both can't come up with non-sense blah blahs that babies laugh at. A little petty I know, but deep inside, I know I still am a baby myself. I could only take care of cats and dogs until such time I get to compose a silly blabbering song for our own little baby.

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