Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sagada Chronicles: D-1

The day minus 1

The day before our trip, I went to the mall. I bought some supplies. We travelled on a budget, everything we buy must be listed. 

Here's my pre-departure to-buy list:

** 2 headwares
Mine kept my head happy, his smelled like feet because he packed it in the same compartment where his shoes were.

Protected me from smelling like sun (amoy-araw, lol!)
** 8 bottles of water 
Yeah, it sounds stupid to bring along heavy water supply, but we just can't afford buying 25-peso water every time. I bought them on the grocery for 10 pesos each. So right then and there I already saved 120 pesos (8*15). That's already one full meal in Sagada.

** Chips
While shopping, I revised this one into Fudgee Bars. Junk foods are not advisable during trips, they will just make you thirsty and never full. I bought a whole bag. They made great breakfast, mirienda, bus and cave food.
I won't be eating this one for quite some time soon.
** Wipes and Hand Sanitizers
Wipes were very useful whenever using public rest rooms. It was funny I never got to use the hand sanitizer, not even once. I suddenly trashed the clean freak inside of me all those times we were in Sagada. 

Here's my pre-departure to-pack list:

** A print-out of:
Calling cards - check!
Maps - Printer messed up, not printed  
Itinerary - Not printed but saved it on my phone
Important numbers (lodging, guides, log cabin) - Not printed, damn this printer!

** Tale of the Body Thief book
Uncheck. Apparently, I even forgot to read my to-pack list because I kept on procrastinating. I love last minute packing but I am not so good at it.

** Tripod
Uncheck. I packed too much jackets and sweaters. My boyfriend's backpack has bottles of water in it. It just wouldn't fit.

** Sunblock
Check. I used it once, but not barely needed. Just for the sake of using it. It was cloudy when we swam and I did not want to mess my make up when we rode on a jeepney topload style.

** Clothes, of course
I packed quickly, what would you expect? I just bought 1 descent shirt. On our impromptu extension, I reused a dress. I didn't even washed it because I thought I was bringing enough clothes for the whole trip. Ick.

** Slippers
Uncheck. I was using them the whole time I was packing. When I wore my shoes, I even put them beside my bag. I didn't know how it happened, but I really forgot them. It left me no choice, I had to buy overpriced fake Havs. They were great in all fairness, even more comfortable than the real ones. 

** Music players, my Xmini speaker
Check. Locked and loaded. Cranberries became my OST that whole time. Classic! Imagine: walking on a secluded street, almost alone, cool breeze, perfect picturesque background, Dolores singing "Just my Imagination" into your ear. It was like walking into a dream!

Day One of the Chronicles will continue shortly after the break.

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