Thursday, April 21, 2011

ME and YOU just US two

When people hears the news that we are going to get married next year, they instantly gosh about the same thing - babies!

No we don't want babies, at least not yet. We're gonna pull off a Robin Scherbatsky (How I Met your Mother) until we're thirty. 

So people, stop putting pressure on us. We want to officially live together, to make big decisions with each other, that's why we're getting married. Not just because we want to have a baby. We'll want that in the future. In our own time frame. 

Somehow related note:

These are some reasons why I wanted to freeze that baby thought for a while now:

** From both being electronics engineers, we want to do a total career shift. He'll study IT and make a career out of it while I pursue my love for writing. I want to study journalism or something like that. I have been earning as a writer for quite some time now but it's not that fulfilling. I'm a part time ghost writer. Yeah, a ghost + writer. I'm like a dead-man writing. It's my dream to immortalize my name on a paper. My name has been printed on a newspaper before (board exams results) but I never got to have a copy of it. Someday, I'll have my name printed on it again. 

** We want to travel more first. Although we are never trashing the idea of travelling with our future kids, you know it's always easier if there are just the two of you. 

** He will be sending a kid to high school. I landed myself into a very kind-hearted man. I know I should not be blabbing about his charity, but I just can't help it! It's a very big decision considering his minimum income. Awwww.

Oops, I just recalled, I already had an entry about this subject. It looks like I'm REALLY freaking out it. 

Sorry if the pronouns used not just on this entry but generally all through out this blog are 95% "we". I guess I'm a We person. 

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