Friday, April 8, 2011

Sagada Chronicles: Pilot

Sagada by fate and by choice

A month and a half earlier, I was in this place called Sagada. It is a place known for its cold climate, caves and waterfalls. I told you some stories behind it on my previous post. Just to summarize, I went with my parents, just the three of us on a whole day long tour. It was a very tight time frame considering that the place has numerous scenic spots to choose from. In a nutshell, we ended up touring the famous Bomod-Ok Falls and Sumaging Cave. 

Right after our 11-hour ride back home, something did not feel right. I usually admire beautiful places after the travel but it ends there - pure admiration. The feeling I had after that trip is something else. For the lack of suitable term, I felt HAUNTED. Knowing that I haven't visited the rest of it kills the curious cat inside of me. Right then and there, without even completing unpacking yet, I planned my next visit.

By uploading the pictures of that first trip, I had gathered numerous feedbacks from friends who wanted to visit the place as well. I had plentiful potential travel buddies to choose from but all of them had a very tight competition - my boyfriend. The conflicting ideas are as follows:

First Option: The two of us can share our travel with other friends so we can split guide fees, accommodations, food and so on. This is very convenient since I am currently unemployed and just relying on 2 of my part time jobs' income.

Second option: We can travel together, just us two, backpacking with a very limited budget. 

It's a no-brainer. I chose the second option. Why not! That's where the fun begins.

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