Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sagada Chronicles: Another dimension

It's like I had a second world. I live my life normally inside my room for an average of 20 hrs per day basis. 10 hours sleeping, 4 hours hanging out with my boyfriend and 6 hours of reading/writing/working. During my Sagada "haunting", I spent that 6 hours researching. I got hooked. I just loved reading about their cullture, seeing its beautiful pictures and planning my next trip. 
A very helpful site. It provides real time answers to queries.
It's like having another dimension where I spent more of my time there.  I knew its people, literally. there was this site where you can chat with their guides for inquiries about planning a trip there. I have talked to several of them and through time, I have memorized their faces and names. It was funny because when I got to go to Sagada, it feels like I knew some of them already. But that's another story.

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