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Sagada Chronicles: Day Three, Coming Home

Sagada Chronicles: Day One
Sagada Chronicles: Day Two, Unleashing our Extreme Sides

On our third day, we were supposed to have a dip on the Bokong Falls. With our bodies still aching from our Crystal cave exploration, we were too lazy even just to peel ourselves from the bed. We trashed the idea of swimming. We just woke up late and decided to shop for souvenirs instead. It was 10am. We still managed to go to the church for a slow leisure walk before shopping. I pulled out my souvenir list and ticked every item on it. As we arrived in our inn to pack our things up and be ready to go home, I checked our shared wallet. With our fare and lodging fee already excluded, we still have more than a thousand in it. 

A thousand. Additional night will cost 600. 
400. Every meal will cost a hundred. (Yes, a hundred for the two of us! We knew this cheap eatery.) Additional three meals, thats 300.
100. Bus food. 

With both of our eyes twinkling, we suddenly read each other's minds. We're going to extend! The budget may be tight, but we will definitely regret it if we did not do it. I called my mom and informed her that we missed the bus. She bought it! Off we went. We had our yet another cheap lunch and planned our afternoon itinerary.

At the local eatery, we chanced upon two men eating there too. I had always wanted to have a conversation with the locals especially their kind - old and wise. They were also pleased to talk to us since they got to practice their Tagalog skills. We talked all through out lunch. I learned that one of them was a former Vice Mayor and a retired teacher (or police) and the other one was a retired police (or teacher, hahah, I got them mixed up). We could have talked the whole day but we were in a hurry to fulfill our half day plan.

First stop: Bokong falls swimming
Due to our lack of money, we decided to do our two plans DIY style. Bokong falls and Lake Danum are one of the spots that doesn't need a guide anyway. As long as you know how to get there - which we didn't. Good thing our inn provided Wifi, we downloaded Sagada's map. We followed the map and asked few people along the way. We walked and trekked and as soon as I heard a flowing water, I knew we succeeded! 

Pretty little falls
We found two young boys already swimming. Good thing because I was about to attempt something stupid and there should be witnesses. Someone to run for help in case I fail. I always wanted to dive head first from the highest rock into the pool. I read it was 12-feet deep. Just perfect. 
The water was so cold

I immediately went into the lower rock. As soon as I stood on to it, I got overwhelmed. What if I dove and got caught by a rock or something. What if I did not die but had my face totally ruined. Damn, I can't risk that! I just jumped normally and trashed the idea of diving from the highest rock. But then I saw the kid climb. I just couldn't resist danger's charm. I climbed too. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to me in Sagada. I was there, climbing while wondering which rock to hold on too. My foot is wet and slipping. I just couldn't get a good grip. Good thing my boyfriend was already on top and pulled my hand. My hero... 
The lower rock

So there I was standing at the top of the rock. I gave him a look. I needed his permission. Of course he wouldn't want me to jump. It was scary. And yet he saw the eagerness in my eyes. He knew I needed to do it. It was one of the thing I told him over and over again while planning the trip "I wanted to dive in the Bokong Falls".  I knew a lot of people already jumped from there, but I needed more assurance. And just in time, a tour guide with French tourists came. They were adult French couple. The guide gave me a go signal. That was my sign. It was indeed safe to jump. 

As my boyfriend saw my conviction, he went down and got the camera. He'll document my craziness. Head first...I was still contemplating. I saw the video of my first jump. It was not good. My jump was too powerless. I won't be able to pull off a dive. And that's how I chickened out and just jumped. Not a head-first-dive, but a jump. It was kinda lame, but nevertheless, I'm still proud of it. Only few will have the guts to even swim into that convex pool. 
first jump
higher rock
The French couple applauded my jump. We had a quick chat and they asked for my e-mail address. The guy said he'll send me my pictures. Wow! Sikat na 'ko! After they left, I literally rolled onto the stones and just chanted "my picture will be in Paris, France!!" Heheh.

That concluded our first stop. We went back to our room and had a quick shower. It was around 4pm and  we wanted to eat fishballs! Yes, their fishballs are so clean, they actually use vegetable oil for frying. They do not reuse it either. It was so good we just consumed 50-pesos worth of fishballs and kikiam!
World's Cleanest Fishballs!
Next stop: Lake Danum

Lake Danum is one of the easiest spot to go to in Sagada. You'll just have to follow the high way. Bad thing about it is its distance. It's a 1-hour walk. We reached the lake just in time for sunset. It was breathtaking. It would be so perfect if we had more time. We didn't even sit down to catch our breath. We only took four photos and literally ran off. The sun was setting and we did not have any flashlights with us. My phone's battery was nearing empty. The road was rough and long plus a great portion of it did not have any street lamps. It was kinda scary. We did not have any water too. We prayed to Jesus to hold on to the sun for a little longer until we reach the lighted street. And he did! It was so amazing. The moment we reached the municipal hall, the sky was so dark already. That's when we realized how crazy we were for going there without any help. It was fun though. Going back only took us 30 mins!

Pretty pretty lake
That night, I only had barbeque and rice for dinner. He had this amazing noodle soup. We ate in our inn's restaurant. He asked the lady which soup can she recommend, she said all of them are good. He chose between a noodle soup with egg and a noodle soup with vegetables. He picked the one with egg. It was 45 Pesos. Not bad for a fancy-named soup, until it arrived. It looked familiar. He tasted it...he looked disappointed. 

It was actually a Payless chicken noodle with egg. Hahah! I wonder how the one with vegetables looked like.

After our dinner, we wanted to go out and check out a local resto. With our dwindling budget, I decided to break into our emergency money just to drink beer. It was an emergency situation anyway. Good thing we're too tired and just watched Discovery channel until we dozed off.

Next entry: Day 4: Facing yet another dilemma, to leave or not to leave. 

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